There are many people who struggle with hard-to-curl hair type. The problem cannot be rectified until you consult with experts who go to the root of the problem and suggest remedial measures. You will be required to apply certain products as recommended by them to give your hair a little extra curl and bounce, without damaging their natural beauty.

As you would be aware, curly hair can prove to be the most temperamental and touchy hair type, so to say, if you happen to apply styling product in excess. Styling product needs to be applied in correct quantity – not too much or not too little – to avoid weighed down and greasy looking curls

Effortless and frizz free curls can well be achieved with precise application of styling product. Make it a point to always start with a clean, fresh palette. Before applying a styling product of your choice, do not forget to Cleanse, Condition, and Moisturize – following the quality CURLS product application technique as recommended by experts. To assist you in the process, suitable product application demos are also available.

There’s a host of curly hair shampoo and cleansing creams available online to meet the specific needs of African American hair, bi-racial hair and multi-ethnic hair. If you are unsure about the correct mix of products to employ for your kinky, natural, and/or wavy hair, you can check out CURLS Product Chart. It will help you select the right curly hair shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer or a matching styling product.