People who have type 3 and 4 hair face a lot of difficulty while managing and maintaining it. Type 3 hair is characterized by wavy curls while the extremely convoluted and twisted ringlets are known as type 4 hair. Many people believe that the texture of curly hair can never improve but I beg to differ. Using the right products for your kinky hair will make them soft, smooth, silky and beautiful. I have been using some curls products for quite some time now and have certainly benefitted from them.

Whipped Cream by is one of the nicest curls products I have used to date. It is a great cream for styling thick, tight curls; it adds moisture to your hair and keeps them hydrated until you wash your hair again. All you need to do is massage your hair with this cream before you begin styling it. Once you apply it on your hair, comb your hair with a wooden comb very gently. Then, you can style your hair any way you want or even leave your beautiful curls open and receive compliments all day long on your soft and shiny curls. This cream is suitable for both type 3 and 4 hair.

Another very useful product for, both, type 3 and 4 hair is Curls Goddess Glaze. It is a gel for kinky hair and is made from Plumeria Alba Flower and juice of Aloe leaf. It frees your curls from frizz and makes them very silky. It is a helpful product for people who live in a humid environment and suffer from dry, dreary curls as it provides moisture to your curls 24/7.

Both these curls products have helped me get rid of boring, frizzy curls and will certainly help you too.


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