Buying the right kind of hair products for curly hair is undoubtedly a difficult task. Not every other product that you see in the market is suitable for your curls. Here’s a list of hair products for curly hair that are essential for curls; and another list that states products that aren’t good for curly haired people.

Hair products that Curly Haired People Must Have

  • Curly hair shampoo and conditioner: Don’t just buy any other shampoo that you like in the store. Look for one that is made for curly hair. Also, be certain that the shampoo you add to your cart has lightweight ingredients as heavy chemicals weigh down the curls. Also, do not get attracted by shampoos that have very fruity fragrances; most of the shampoos with strong fragrances do not contain natural oils. Also, you must get a conditioner for curly hair. Make sure it contains moisturizers like yogurt and olive oil. ‘Curls’ has a great range of wonderful shampoos and conditioners for curly hair; do check them out.
  • Comb: Get a nice comb for your curls, preferably one made of wood and that has widely spaced teeth. Avoid plastic combs as they break away easily.
  • Olive, Almond, Coconut or Mustard Oil: Get any one of these oils and oil your hair twice a week, preferably two hours before washing your curls. A good way of finding which oil works best for your hair is to apply each oil on your hair once and examine its results on your hair by checking how soft your hair becomes after washing. These oils nourish the curls and add moisture to them.

Hair Products for Curl Hair that People should Avoid

  • Hair Straighteners: Heating your hair excessively destroys the quality of your hair so avoid buying straighteners for your hair. But if you really enjoy straightening your hair then get hold of a flat iron with a ceramic coating; make sure it is of a good brand and do not purchase any cheap straighteners. Even with a good straightener, avoid straightening your hair more than twice a week.
  • Hair Brushes: Hair brushes aren’t friendly with curls and destroy the texture of the curls so always try to avoid using one on your curls.


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