Vegan. Simple. Pure.

Note – One kit is allowed per person. Only one kit is allowed per order. If you check out with additional products in your order, your order will be  cancelled. Attempting to purchase multiple kits will also cancel your order.

For the conscious curlista, our first, completely vegan collection focuses on your unique hair structure.

Instead of “fixing” the texture of your hair, our organic hair products treat your kinks, coils, curls, and waves from the inside. We’re on the pursuit of healthier, stronger hair in the most ethical way possible. Sea Kelp, Cucumber, Green Tea, Bamboo and Avocado – just some of the all-natural, organic ingredients you’ll find in the Green Collection Treatment Box!  Get into it!

The Green Collection Treatment Box

  • The Green Collection Sea Kelp Curl Cleanser
  • The Green Collection Sea Kelp & Cucumber Hair Mask
  • The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse
  • The Green Collection Bamboo Protein
  • The Green Collection Green Tea Hair Rinse