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Heyyy CURLFriends!
Can you believe we are just a couple days away from the start of Autumn? You know what that means. It’s the perfect time to transition from your summer hair care routine to your fall routine and of course, you know we got you! 👏🏾✨

Enjoy the  most AMAZING deals during our Virtual CURLS Shopping Network!

Today’s deals include:

A) “Lavish Your Curls” Bundle
Cleanser, Curlada, Moisturizer, Creme Brule, Goddess
Reg: $52 Deal: $35 (30% off)
Free Promo Item: Passion Paste

B) “Moisture is Key” Bundle BB Wash, BB Mask, BB Twist N Shout,
Reg: $45 Deal: $30 (30% off)
Free Promo Item: Hair Growth Oil

C) “So Poppin” Bundle
PP Leave In & Scalp Treatment
Reg: $20 Deal:$15 (30% off)

D) Buy 1, Get 1 FREE
Buy PP Wash, Get PP Mask FREE.

Get yours today!

Out of stock

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 in

Key Ingredients

CURLS Collections are formulated with certified organic ingredients to improve the texture of your hair without harsh chemicals.


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Directions for Use

Hair Care Regimen for Textured Hair:

  1. CLEANSE your hair at least once a week or more if you have an active lifestyle or oily scalp.
  2. CONDITION your hair every time you cleanse and in between cleansing sessions when extra moisture is needed.
  3. MOISTURIZE your hair with a leave in moisturizing product to protect the hair and prep for styling.
  4. STYLE your hair in a low manipulation style that does not put pressure on the hair shaft or bulb. Use healthy products like CURLS to get the best looks from your unique curls.
  5. PROTECT your hair and scalp with a formulated treatment oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Age: 26-35
Hair Type: Curly
Hair Challenge: Dryness
Blue Berry Bliss is Worth the try

I will review the online shopping network and each product in the bundle separately.
First, so I don’t have to repeat; scent for every product is amazing to me but once in the hair it is not strong which I believe is a good thing.

1) reparative shampoo- it is quite watery and I felt like the amount I would have to use to get my whole scalp would have been a lot. I also didn’t feel like my scalp my cleaned. I think this would be good if you want to wash ur scalp after a change of style but not if you haven’t washed in more than 2 weeks. I wouldn’t purchase it separately.
2) reparative hair mask- now… this thing is reparative FOR REAL. It doesn’t have much slip unless your hair is already detangled or just not tangled as much. I tried to detangle with it, lost a lot of hair so I just used another conditioner first, washed it out then used this mask. AMAZING mask. Every strand in my hair was curled, shiny, and had moisture after I washed it out. Will purchase separately.
3) twist n shout creme- great for giving moisture and definition. I have used this before the bundle and when my hair was completely wet I was able to detangle with it and just leave it in my hair, not twist or braid needed because it defined my curls. Not the same effect with damp or dry hair though. I would purchase separately as it is a thick product that provides great moisture.

4) curl control jelly- I haven’t tried it on all my hair, just tested it. I would use this on parts of my hair where I know needs help with definition and staying defined for more than just two days. It didn’t leave a hard cast and the hold did seem like it would be a soft hold just because of how soft it left my hair but maybe that is the whole point of a jelly. I’m undecided if I would purchase this separately.

The network was not as I expected it to be. It was very informative on every product being sold as a bundle, there were talks on how to wash your hair and different techniques to use on hair. Questions were asked by people who attended and they were answered which was great.

Age: 46-59
Hair Type: Curly
Hair Challenge: Dryness
Great Products/Great Prices

I’ve been using these 4 products for the past 18 months and love them. The bundle saves so much money that it only made sense to purchase.

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