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Blissful Lengths Blueberry Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

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Not realizing the hair growth you’d hope for? Looking for a better supplment for your hair care regime? Grow, Strengthen and Maintain Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin. MAXIMUM HAIR HEALTH & GROWTH IN 1 BOTTLE! Grow and Slay The Blueberry Way!

NEW and IMPROVED flavor: You wanted more flavor so we added more blueberries to the mix to give you that blueberry goodness!


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Grow, Strengthen and Maintain Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin, MAXIMUM HAIR VITAMIN HEALTH & GROWTH IN 1 BOTTLE!

Did you know that your body absorbs up to 98% of liquid hair growth vitamin into our bloodstream, and only up to 20% with a pill? That is right! Get results with Blissful Lengths.

Our time-release elixir is formulated with a proprietary blend of bioactive coenzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, organic blueberry extract, and essential B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, Biotin, Folic Acid, and vitamin B12. It promotes healthy hair growth, enhances the strength of each hair shaft, and increases the integrity of the hair.

Hair Growth Vitamins Key Information:
Absorb up to 98% of the vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream vs up to 20% from a pill
Promotes healthy scalp, and increased hair growth
Aids in detoxification of, and the repair of, scalp cells
Reduces shedding and combats dandruff
Optimizes metabolism without caffeine
Supports preventative skin health
NO breakouts
Boosts the immune system
1 bottle = 1/2 month

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Hair Care

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Hair Health

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Wavy, Curly, Very Curly, Kinky

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Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Collection

309 reviews for Blissful Lengths Blueberry Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

  1. Curlyrella@yahoo.com

    I am amazed by this product. I started transitioning back to my natural hair in Dec. 2015. It has been 10 months now. I cut my hair one really badly just to have all curly hair and no straight hairs because some of my hair was badly damaged from heat it was practically straight. So when i cut it off it was all kinds of wierd lenghts maybe about 3 months ago i cut my hair into a bob but kinda long bob. I have also struggled with my hair when after i took sugar bearhair vitamins it made my hair really weak after i stoped using it and my hair started ripping out easily super sensitive and what not. This vitamin along with the hair growth oil and the wash and leave in conditioner my hair is absolutely amazing now. Its moisturized and it feels soo healthy and ive been using this for only 1 or 2 weeks now i will give an update on hair growth in a month.

  2. lbdreviewer@gmail.com

    So, the tastes…not the best, but I think it works! I’m almost through my first bottle and i’ve noticed additional length. I am an avid vitamin taker (multivitamin for women) and i’ve not noticed this much growth with my normal routine. I will certainly credit it to this nasty tasting liquid. I’m here for another bottle – that says it all.

  3. English.shantel95@gmail.com

    I received my blissful lengths on October 6 and have been taking it for a week now. This vitamin is the truth…. I kid you not, I’m already seeing new growth. Only 1 week and the hair is growing in all over my scalp. I take this everyday at the same time, with water. I also take biotin gummies but I wasn’t seeing results with it. So I decided to try this because I just cannot deal with pills. I will admit it is expensive for just two weeks usage but I will try to do at least 2 months to see what results I get. If you can, treat yourself to this vitamin and see for yourself!!

  4. Sheniqua.Kelly@gmail.com

    It tastes great for a vitamin, in general too. I just finished my bottle and my hair has gotten thicker!! I mean really thick! It’s grown enough to notice without length checking. It feels better as well. Not into growth because I like my short do’s but it seems like I’ll keep using this product! Thanks for the $0.99 offer through CurlBox for testing it out! Please keep up the quality! I’m heading to buy more of your line tomorrow!

  5. lomilky@yahoo.fr

    Im a customer from Germany and it was my first time ordering. The delivery was so fast i couldn’t believe my eyes.
    The products were delivered after 3 days, well packed and i can’t wait to see some results. Almost one week taking this stuff. I will write another review after finishing my first bottle :)
    Thank you!

  6. ariford2013@gmail.com

    I just recieved my bottle and was soo worried about what this would do. All hair vitamins make me sick. This one I mixed the tablespoon with a half bottle of water and drank. It tasted great, and I didn’t have any ill side effects. I took my before picture, and at the end of this bottle I cannot wait to see my after picture. I just wish that the bottle had more doses for the cost of it. I will definitly post a review at the end of my first bottle!

  7. coldblueddugger@gmail.com

    I ordered this product back in Sept and was worried I wouldn’t like the taste but it isn’t bad at all. This is my first Curls product and I can say I am quite pleased. I have been taking the product, however not on a daily basis and I am amazed at how quickly my hair has grown since I’ve started taking it. My friends and coworkers have noticed a difference in the length of my hair as well. I would highly recommend this product and plan to purchase another bottle in the future. I wish the bottle was a little bigger but regardless it’s a GREAT product.

  8. kweldon@embarqmail.com

    I started using these vitamins October 6,2016. I must say that I am in love with them! Over the past 2 months my hair hair has grown over 2 inches, my nails are stronger and growing faster than ever, my energy level is up and my skin is glowing!! I love the fact that by it being a liquid vitamin, my body is absorbing more of the nutrients as soon as it is ingested. I must also say that I LOVE the taste. I’m very pleased and will continue to take this Liquid Gold!! Thank you CURLS for answering so many prayers when you launched this vitamin!!

  9. tanieshakay35@gmail.com

    Today will mark my first day using a liquid hair vitamin. I have used SEVERAL different hair vitamins including the “popular ” brands but having seen an extreme amount of hair growth, just the usual. My hair is natural and currently 12 inches. I would love for my hair to reach 16-20 inches by this time next year and hopefully this vitamin can help do the trick. I will update my hair growth in the next month. But as for now I’m excited and will give this vitamin 5 stars, let’s see if next month the 5 stars remain.

  10. J_Yarneice@yahoo.com

    I ordered the Blissful Lengths Hair Growth Vitamin. I’ve only been taking it for a couple of weeks,but nearing a month in a few days. I haven’t seen much growth but it’s still early in the game. What I have noticed is that along with my skin care routine I have minimal to no breakouts since I’ve been using this product. I feel like with consistency and routine washed and properly taken care of hair I’ll start to see growth. Therefore I will be measuring every other month. What I dislike this most about this product is the taste…FOR ME…I hate the taste,I always chase is with water or some cranberry juice. So far so good.

  11. britt.wright23@yahoo.com

    Where do I begin?
    I cut my hair into an ear length bob back in October. It is now December and my hair has grown over 3 inches and I had to get an early trim due to the rapid growth. II am 100% sure that the rapid growth is due to this vitamin. I never had such success taking biotin alone. I am on my third bottle and will continue to take this liquid vitamin.

  12. Isabelromero38@hotmail.com

    I just have to say that this vitamin is really good ( I had noticed that my skin is flawless) that’s a plus . The taste is not that bad but no that good(Sweet)

  13. darkkangell2451@yahoo.com

    I recieved my bottle yesterday at 9:17am by 9:20am it was in my stomach. I did this because vitamins should be taken in the morning preferably on a empty stomach. Well at 9:44 I happen to look at the clock and then thoought to myself, “Self my stomach doesn’t hurt nor do I have an burping or gas”. As is always the case when I take hair, skin and nails pills. I have taken all brands andall price points and this Curls brand is the most fab, darling. It gets5 stars even if it doesn’t help fill in/grow my hair. Am ordering 2 more bottle now, since each bottle is only goodfor 15 servings or 15 days. Bravo!!! Thanks a bunch

    BTW taking a look at the ingredients Curls should increase the Biotin levels and add in selenium & iron.

  14. Tianahu@comcast.net

    I started taking these on dec 5. I might be crazy but I feel like my hair has gotten fuller. It’s easy for me to tell because my hair is on the fine side. I’m not crazy about the taste. Reminiscent of medicine. I bought 6 month supply during Black Friday sale

  15. hogansmarciarra21@gmail.com

    Finally they got a liquid vitamin because I can’t swallow pills for nothing.. I always gotta crush my pills and I get tired of crushing pills.

  16. lisayvette1@gmail.com

    Excellent product. Results are clear and present. Definitely refrigerate. I’m on my 3d bottle. Thank You Curls for a quality product.

  17. maria365472s@mail.ru

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  18. collenegrant24@hotmail.com

    I did my big chop in June 2016, I have fast growing hair already. But I felt like my hair needed more nutrition within, so I tried Mane choice, Gummies, but my results were not really showing. When I found a liquid form of hair vitamins I was extremely happy. I hate pills. I put my hair in a perfective style to see my results clearer while I took this liquid vitamin everyday. OMGG when I took my style out after a month my hair had serious length, it was fuller, and my curl pattern is much more better. I am currently on my 3rd bottle.

  19. anissa3790@yahoo.com

    Love it already and it has been 1 month. Easy to take and now faster to get a hold of at Target.

  20. amw823@gmail.com2

    Went to Target to purchase Nature Bounty, Hair ,Skin & Nail Gummies and found your product. I was impressed that it was in liquid form and brought it. I’m on my 3rd bottle it is “Wonderful”! My only complaint is that it is not a 30 day supply. Have you thought about increasing the ounces to a 30 day supply? It would be beneficial.

  21. smokin_ces@yahoo.com

    Bought 2 bottles and started taking the blisfull lengths vitamin Mar. 13 Have not noticed any difference. Hopefully a noticeable difference will come through by May 13.

  22. Adrianre4@twc.com

    Just finished one bottle. Noticed that the product description says optimal results seen in 2-3 months. One bottle is roughly a 1/2 month supply. Quite EXPENSIVE for such a small supply, but if it works then maybe it’s worth it. Bought another bottle yesterday so I’m gonna commit to 3 months to see what happens. Product purchased at Target on both occasions.

  23. celeste.pouncey@gmail.com

    Really love this product after first 3 weeks my edges are filling in and I will order my second bottle, actually found something that works!

  24. miffy72000@yahoo.com

    Love the vitamin but the only CON is that it’s not a 30 day supply. Please consider doing that!

  25. lasandra.highsmith@gmail.com

    I have been breaking out but my hair is getting thicker. Hopefully the breakout is from allergies or something and not the vitamins. My hair is long, but it’s not as thick as I’d like for it to be. Hopefully this helps

  26. Erica444@gmail.net

    This product caused some breakouts for me. The 2 bottles I’ve used have had leaky tops when shaken.

  27. bmcrae16@gmail.com

    Good product. But please consider making it a month supply. Very expensive for just 15 days or so.

  28. Dbaldwin003@gmail.com

    I bought two bottles directly from the site. I like the product because it is vegan and I didn’t experience any breakouts. This product aided in hair growth for me. I am looking to buy more however I agree with other reviews about the 15day supply. It is quite expensive when two bottles is required for a 30 day supply.

  29. mishinskiergey@mail.ru

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  30. CatGirlRem@aol.com

    I loved this vitamin, I saw great results as my growth rate doubled and it did not cause any breakouts. However it is far too expensive for a broke college student budget so I could not continue with it long term. $50 a month is far too much on a non-essential item, especially when there are good competitor products available at half the cost.

  31. mcbride.deidre@gmail.com

    I just ordered my second bottle and have already noticed stronger hair and nail growth. Like other comments, the price needs to be lowered. Maybe buy one get the other half price, etc….? Please listen to your valued customers.

  32. 1italymorroco2@cox.net

    Just ordered my 2nd order of 2 bottles. No breakouts. My has been in a protective style for 2 months will update in 2 weeks regarding if any change in growth/length/thickness. My only complaint which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! . Please!!!! consider using a cap that doesn’t leak when shaking the product.

  33. rajene13@gmail.com

    I colored my hair right before I started taking this and I kid you not it’s been a week and I have visible new growth! LOVE LOVE LOVE it definitely works and I will be repurchasing!!

  34. White.343@wright.edu

    I’ve only been using this for a week and although I haven’t noticed any new growth on my head I can tell you that my eyebrows, toenails, and pretty much the rest of my body hair is growing at an insane rate . Lol

  35. tmccain0108@hotmail.com

    I agree with the other reviews that the price is extensive. By the time you begin to see results, the vitamins are gone.

  36. Barbieakua@gmail.com

    I have used this product consistently for 7 months.Luckily I have been able to stock up when there are sales. Liquid hair growth vitamin definitely works and my hair has visibly grown. No outbreaks. As a valued customer and as many other customer reviews, one bottle at $25 is quite expensive just for 15 days. Month supply in comparison to other businesses is more ideal. Please consider us valued customer suggestions of affordable pricing. I strongly suggest to buy in bulk to save some money.

  37. jenna.m.crenshaw@gmail.com

    These vitamins really work! I’ve seen about an inch of growth in the last month. I suffer from adult acne and my skin as actually improved instead of experiencing breakouts. I highly recommend these! The only downside is the price, however if you want good results sometimes you have to invest! I love this stuff!

  38. raisapayano55@gmail.com

    I really hope you guys can lower the price soon. It’s a bit expensive for just 15 days.

  39. laurenforte113@gmail.com

    This is truly one of the most effective vitamins I have tried. My hair is growing much healthier and stronger! What I like most of all about this product is how improved my skin has become. I take my vitamin at night before bed and I drink tons of water during the day so I think that enhances my results. I am going on my third and final month of taking the vitamin, yes it is pricey but it is worth it!

  40. tonyhilson885@gmail.com

    Thia product is amazing, ,my hair grows a inch per month and within a month i have grown 2 freakin inches!!!

  41. miichelle.ndiaye@gmail.com

    Very good product only 2 months my hair grew a lot. I will definetly give it a 2nd chance on january 2018 to see if my breakout is link to the product .

  42. Ishanatrueblood@yahoo.com

    This product is amazing. As soon as i had taken my dose i had so much energy and the next day i had seen hair growth.

  43. sweetchells@gmail.com

    I noticed a change in curl pattern within a couple of weeks and my hair looks and feels healthier ! however i have always have very clear skin and this vitamin made me break out more than i have ever broken out in my life.

  44. fight519@hotmail.com

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  45. pittmanbriona@gmail.com

    This hair growth vitamin has made my hair thicker fuller and longer i love this product its the best

  46. atchara_aha@hotmail.com

    I’ve been taking supplements and vitamin for hair, skin nail which contain biotin and others. The result is moderate I didn’t see any changes but one day I saw this product and read the label said it will absorb to our body a lot better than pills so I switched and gave it a try. I’m still on my first bottle and almost finish I feel the changes already. My hair naturally straight and flat I know this brand mean for curl/wavy hair but if this helps curly hair grow why not my flat straight hair. So I feel my hairs are fuller, more volumn. I have plenty baby hair sprouting all over. about the length I didn’t see drastic change yet hopefully when I start second bottle. But so far I’m happy that my hairs growing healthier after a long color treatment for past few years now it’s revivevd back. I ordered 2 more bottles from your website since it’s challenging to find at local drug store here. Thank you for great products.

  47. Nknaturals@yahoo.ca

    This vitamin is the truth! It’s the only hair vitamin that stops my ridiculous shedding and actually makes my hair grow! I love the fact that I can see results in as little as 2 weeks! My shedding goes from a golf ball sized amount to a quarter sized amount! Plus my hair gets so thick! I love thick hair! It feels so healthy! The price is definitely a big factor. Basically its $50 worth for a month. I try to top up on sales though because I see where the product works! Thanks for making this product!

  48. Alexis.little12@gmail.com

    Been taking the liquid vitamins for a little over 2 months. Yes, it is pricey but it’s worth it. My hair grew about half a inch in 2 weeks! I had to take my sew in out after a month because of these vitamins. I did notice that the formula was changed in my most recent bottle(no longer Orange, more so red) so I’m not sure how they will work now. Will continue for now.

  49. Lisabronx26@yahoo.com

    I have noticed that my hair is much thicker and is starting to grow..I have been using the vitamin for a month and Abt to start on my second bottle..

  50. shorterkayla@gmail.com

    price improved! I caught a sale on the website so I got 3 bottles for 45.00. great product!

  51. tiffdarcel@yahoo.com

    I purchased this product in June of 2017, based on the reviews. I am satisfied with the product. I have been natural now for 20 months and I have noticed a significant difference in my hair. It appears much thicker and healthier. I completed one bottle and I am on the second. I did not take the vitamins everyday because it appeared as though I had hair growth quickly. I also had a mild breakout the first time I used them that is why I didn’t use them everyday. It is a very good product. I gave my sister a bottle as she suffers with alopecia. I do not know if it is working or not for her.

  52. lasandra.highsmith@gmail.com

    It’s worth the price! I saw significant growth in two weeks/

  53. alexxusceasar@gmail.com

    This product is literally unbelievable I still can’t believe how much and fast my hair has grown. So worth the price.

  54. a_ktaylor@hotmail.com

    I purchased this product a few weeks back. Before using it I trimmed my hair since there was noticeable dead ends. I had my hair tucked away under a sew-in for about 2 1/2 weeks and when I checked the length of my hair, its as if I didn’t even cut my hair! It grew back super fast and I haven’t had any breakouts. The only reason why I’m rating it 4/5 stars is because of the price for the supply amount, its pretty pricey. Hopefully the company looks at these reviews and considers lowering the price.

  55. mztanwo1@gmail.com

    I’m a licensed cosmetologist in both Illinois & Indiana w/ over 20 years of experience (healthy hair practices)…I don’t have a problem w/hair growth I’ve been blessed to have beautiful hair via my parents…I tried the Blissful Lengths Liquid vitamin in order to recommend to my clients (I like to try a product on myself before giving info to my client)…Unfortunately I experienced break outs via my chest area (not to bad)…I recommended the product to a couple of my clients & I have noticed hair growth & less breakage & shedding while styling..

  56. annick.rameau@yahoo.com

    My hair has never grown faster. After slowly growing out my short hair cut for 3 years, I gained a little over 2 inches using this product inconsistently (every other day) for 3 months. I can only imagine when I start taking them every day. And with the new formula (red color), I’m so excited!

  57. hnkhan06@gmail.com

    I love this product. Makes my hair really strong, thick and growth has increased. Unfortunately the new improved taste is horrible. It’s overly sweet and too over bearing. Otherwise the product is amazing!

  58. lisawright0762@yahoo.com

    I bought this vitamin a week ago and my hair stop shedding and I have notice some hair growth already the only thing about the vitamin it cost to much.

  59. kathleen0201@gmail.com

    Are you restocking soon?? Please do i cannot live without it :D

  60. NatalieFeliz99@hotmail.com

    I love this product its the best one ive ever tried. But its a bit pricey for the little amount of product.

  61. ceasely2018@cristoreyjesuit.org

    I just started to use this product less than a week ago and I’m getting random pimples on my face. It’s not bad, but I think it might be from this product. It’s understand that’s it’s difficult to make product that works for everyone, so some people might be more prone to breakouts like me! The taste is quite spicy, lol. I don’t like the taste because it is very strong, sweet, and has a kick to it, but everyone’s different! I will do an update after I’ve taken the three bottles that I have.

  62. joyatucker04@gmail.com

    I love these vitamins. I was concerned about the price but bit the bullet and purchased them. My hair grew alot actually. The taste wasn’t good but they do work and I sucked it up.

  63. shaina.mosley@outlook.com

    I have been using this product for 4 weeks now and I can’t begin to tell you how great it it. I did my big chop a year ago, but was inconsistent taking other hair vitamins because I want fond of the taste. After research I found that liquid vitamins are better because they get to the blood stream quicker! This is great to take in the morning. I took it once before bed and had too much energy to sleep. Also, don’t take it on an empty stomach, multivitamins work better when utilizing other foods for energy. My skin is glowing and my hair is growing naturally with the tight curls I have. Love it! Highly recommend

  64. Samialawrence04@gmail.com

    Amazing! My hair is shedding a lot less, my skin looks a lot better too! I have really bad acne, and my skin is actually clearing up since I started this vitamin. I️ took Biotin before and it broke me out, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see this liquid do the opposite. I just finished my first bottle and am starting my second. Worth the money.

  65. gulyaevaiqy1954@mail.ru

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  66. uevelinafl@gmail.com

    I got 2 bottles of the old formula and now 4 of the new one. I start see the result, just the new formula has a lot of sugar, too sweet …

  67. alanciagirl@gmail.com

    These vitamins are amazing!! I notice that my hair is more healthy and it has grown. I will continue to use the vitamins as part of my healthy hair routine

  68. darwal3036@aol.com

    Excellent product so far! I purchased my first bottle from Target and have been taking it 2 weeks today. Just ordered and received my 2nd bottle from Curls. After only 2 weeks I actually feel a little bit of new growth! I am so excited. Will post an update after 2 bottles.

  69. aishacobbs@gmail.com

    I’ve been using the liquid vitamins for nearly 2 months. Within the first week, I noticed that I had more energy and mental focus. My skin was noticeably softer and smoother after one month. My hair texture is less frizzy and more manageable. When, I started taking the vitamins, my hair was at mid-back length, now it is nearly at my waist. My eyelashes are also thicker now!

  70. Tjvictoriaxo@aol.com

    This is my 3rd week using curls. My hair does not fall in the shower anymore. My hair is so much stronger and thicker!! I don’t know if it has grown yet! My nails are growing my face is clearing up! Gives me energy in the morning!! I love this stuff!!!! Can’t wait to see my growth

  71. raanee1213@yahoo.com

    I love this product because i hate taking pills. I just started so i havent seen any growth yet but like the other reviews it is costly for a 15 day supplement especially since it takes 3 months to really see a difference that’s 6 bottles!

  72. yourmail@gmail.com

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  73. Tvelazquez121@gmail.com

    Just bought my first bottle today!!! But I think I will take every other day and use another hair vitamin in between to stretch product and money…

  74. lazairegarnier@yahoo.com

    This product is amazing. My hair is gaining length and is looking healthy.
    I would like to have other flavor options available because I don’t like the taste or the way it feels going down. I do agree with other users that it is quite costly and there should be options available for those of us that wish to continue usage.

  75. darwal3036@aol.com

    Where do I begin? This is an update to my original post on January 14th. I have completed bottle #2 and currentry taking bottle #3. The new blueberry taste is awesome and definitely worth the money. I ordered bottle #3, #4, #5 and #6 from the Curls website. I ordered 2 bottles and used their 35% off coupon. Then I found another coupon on Facebook for 45% off so I order 2 more bottle just a few days later. I will continue to order from the website since they have great copons! I can’t say enough about how fast my hair is growing. I have about 3/4 inches of new growth after only taking the vitamin a little over a month. My hair is thicker and also healthier. It is amazing and I am so impressed! I have not had any breakouts and my skin is noticeably younger looking according to the people that I exerise with. I plan to continue taking the Curls vitamins!!

  76. whitneyliggett2002@yahoo.com

    I purchased two bottles from your site and the liquid was reddish in color not orange like the other I purchased from Target. I believe both bottles were old and you sold them to a paying customer. Not happy at all.

  77. kitterpuss@gmail.com

    I have taken it for a little while now and I love it! it helps with my hair growth, skin and nails. I would recommend this to everyone that has an ear!
    Great Product!

  78. Bianccadavenport@quickenloans.com

    I am on bottle #2 and so far so good. I haven’t experienced any break outs. My eyelashes look longer and my eyebrows are getting fuller (this is important to me because I’ve never had much brow). My overall hair appearance is thick and healthy. I will continue to buy!

  79. Tanya.milward@gmail.com

    I started using this product because my hair has been falling out in clumps due to work-related stress, and not only has it prevented me from being bald-headed right now, but my hair grows incredibly long each month…on average a 1/2 inch, despite it being on the thin side. I will continue to use this product even after my hair shedding stops because of the growth in length. I live in Dubai too and they always ship my orders very quickly to me.

  80. carolanewman@verizon.net

    I just heard about the liquid vitamins, will order my first bottle from this site

  81. darwal3036@aol.com

    Unbelievable is the only words that come to mind right now! I am currently on my 4th bottle of Curls vitamins right now. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs about how great this product is. My skin, hair and nails have improved so much and my self confidence is turning completely around. I told my mother about this vitamin because she has thinning hair in the top and is 66 years old. She is on her 3Rd bottle. I was in tears when she called me today to say that her hair is growing back in the thinner spots of her head and her edges are starting to fill back in. She can’t believe it!!! She was so excited and decided to also order the Curls Mask Deep Conditioner plus the Mint Tea Oil. This company does not get the recognition that it deserves. We will ALWAYS order these products for the rest of our lives. Praise God for you. Please contime to provide these great quality products!!!! My mother and I log on to our accounts all the time to see if the coupons are activated…lol…it doesn’t hurt to try!! We plan to stock up when the Curls company has sales! It’s so refreshing to finally find a product that works!

  82. iampk06@yahoo.com

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  83. pettwayamanda@yahoo.com

    I started this vitamin almost 2 weeks ago this Tuesday (I started them on March 13th). And either I’m crazy or my hair grew an entire inch since I started!!! I recently did the big chop 2 weeks ago as well and I had around 1 to 1.5 inches of growth on my head (when stretched). Now my hair is 2.5 to 3 inches long when i stretch it. I don’t believe it, LOL! Another note is that my Hair feels really thick when I rub my hands across it. I have 6 more bottles to take (I didn’t order them from here). And hopefully when I finish those bottles my Hair will be around 6 to 7 inches long! I pray that it will happen! In the name of Jesus! AMEN!

  84. Ms.ememudo@gmail.com

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    I took GNC’s Hair Skin & Nail vitamins for 2 years with great results but I wanted to SEE more success quickly. I’ve tried almost EVERY other vitamin on the market. THIS is where I found the what I was looking for. I am on my 3rd bottle and I must say these vitamins DO work. I did NOT notice the 1 inch miracles that others have claimed in 2 weeks but I do believe this is the best hair vitamin on the market! To be completely transparent, I took a month or 2 break between bottles and went back to my GNC vitamins because I think if your body becomes so used to the formula, it doesn’t work as well. Don’t sleep on MSM y’all…that’s where the “magic” is, in conjunction with the other ingredients of course. I don’t prefer the new taste, the original taste was MUCH better but it isn’t unbearable. I will definitely continue purchasing this over any other vitamin. HAPPY GROWING

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  89. simonesbai@aol.com

    Hi I used this product and works great. I am finished with my first bottle and I went to Target to purchase another to find that the consistency was totally brown. I would like to k ow if the color is supposed to be yellow, not BROWN? Please let me know.

  90. Kiarracarter6@gmail.com

    So The Bottle Lasted Exactly 15 Days And I Am So Impressed By This Growth … My Bang Went From Touching The Bottom Of My Nose To Reaching My Bottom Lip And The Back Of My Hair Is Near Bra Strap Length . Excited To Buy More Bottles!

  91. Laurenforte113@gmail.com

    I Just purchased my 5th bottle of the new flavor and I love how my healthy my hair has been. My hair stylist even noticed the difference in my hair once I began taking the vitamin (thicker and shinier). My recent trim seemed like it has grown back out already!

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  93. Shoptlcj@yahoo.com

    I love this product. I used to buy it from Target. I stopped buying it because it never has an expiration date. I need to know when something I’m ingesting is going to expire and I need to make sure it hasn’t already expired before I ingest it!

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  95. Clouis250@gmail.com

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  96. Falonnecesar@gmail.com

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  97. missv447@gmail.com

    This stuff really works I’m on my second bottle and I can already tell my nails are growing like crazy my skin is not breaking out like before when I was using the number one selling pill for hair growth that I’m not going to mention. And my hair has gotten bigger and it has already grown 2 inches so far. This is a great product. and it tastes pretty good also.

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  100. salma.a.mostafa@hotmail.com

    This stuff is hair crack. I’m on my second bottle. I started taking this vitamin about 2-3 weeks ago and OH MY GOD I see a difference in my hair! My hair is so much thicker, my curls are clumpier, and I grew about an inch! I am so so impressed!! Not only that, but I haven’t broken out once and my skin has completely cleared!! Bonus. Which is even more impressive because I was really worried the Biotin was going to break me out as I heard it does that. But nothing! My skin and nails have never looked better. I don’t think I will ever stop using this product. For my second order I got the 2 bottle bundle, but I’ll go ahead and get the 6 bottle bundle on my next order. I need this in my life. Oh and it tastes amazing!

  101. sisterrabia47@yahoo.com

    I started using the Curls vitamins two months ago and it have been seeing my hair grow tremendously. I like that and it gives energy. My hair is healthy and growing ❤️❤️

  102. kslcutie@gmail.com

    Initially I was very skeptical on using these vitamins but I had to try because the reviews were so great. I have to say, I noticed growth before I finished my first bottle. I was in the shower co-washing my hair and my hair was touching my shoulder when a few weeks before it was barely to the nape of my neck. Talk about GROWTH! I ordered a total of 6 bottles (to at least give it time to work) but I will DEFINITELY be ordering a years supply. This stuff is the TRUTH!!!

  103. Kdiane@mail.com

    This product is amazing. Love the product line as well.

  104. lbarrett74@hotmail.com

    I LOVVVVVVVVE this product!!!!! It has done wonders for my hair. I have only used this product for a short time but I have seen changes such as the health of my hair. It is silky, does not shed or break as it use to and it is really growing like a weed. I would truly continue to use it and recommend it to my friends. (Smiles)

  105. lllmayo26@aol.com

    I love all the Curls products!! I was a little skeptical about the Blueberry Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin at first, but I decided to give it a try based on all the other products that I’ve purchased. I must say that the taste was very pleasant and didn’t make me feel funny or anything. After about a few weeks I did notice some growth and I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I swear by it. Thanks for this hair growth life!!! LOL

  106. Kristentaylorb@yahoo.com

    I bought my first bottle at Target last September and have been devoted since. My hair naturally grows fast so I am not sure how much this did for growth (not to say it didn’t help) but it definitely effected the health of my hair. Since taking these I have noticed my hair is much stronger and thicker. I even started adding it in my daughter’s daily smoothie to see how it effects her.

  107. cherymk@rowan.edu

    I’ve tried various hair vitamins and supplements. And of them all, this is definitely my favorite. It’s a keeper. If you pair this up with a balanced diet, good water intake, and a hair routine. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! Not just length but health and thickness. I use this along with the Curls Cashmere + Caviar Line.
    My hair hasn’t been this healthy in years!

  108. 92couponing@gmail.com

    Been using the liquid hair growth vitamin since June 2018 & I can definitely see results. I recently cut off all my hair about 4 months ago and my hair was not growing back as fast as I thought it would or as even which is why I decided to try this. It’s well worth the money

  109. Karleelsmith@bellsouth.net

    Love this product! It really does what it says it will and it tastes great! It tastes like blueberries so it is not a hard vitamin to take! Will purchase again!

  110. cejoel13@gmail.com

    I have been using Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin for the past two months. Not only am I seeing gradual improvement in my hair, but my nails are also growing longer and stronger. The most improvement is around my temple area. It tastes great too. I usually drink a tablespoon every morning before or after a meal. I will continue to use this product because I can see visible signs of improvement in my hair.

  111. Norma_george1967@yahoo.com

    The liquid vitamin is amazing! Not only did my hair change in length, but also in thickness! Love it

  112. vasquezdayhana@gmail.com

    I got this last year at target after a cut to see if my hair can grow faster with a little help and let me tell ya’ll, it worked! Happy I gave it a try. Had nothing to lose but more to gain! Lol

  113. ashley_crummedyo@Yahoo.com

    I’ve been using the CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin on and off for about a year. I have tried traditional hair vitamins (biotin, hair/skin & nails, and even gummies) throughout that time frame and I like these the most. This liquid vitamin is a game changer! It is easy to use, digest, AND I have not broken out with these (unlike other vitamins). At first I could not taste the NEW & IMPROVED FLAVOR but after I went through my stash and had to repurchase I can for sure taste the difference. I take it in the morning when I go to take my yogurt out of the fridge then head to work. I have been transitioning about a year now and I refuse to big chop. This has helped me retain my length to the point where you can’t even tell that I have been transitioning. I love this and I am glad that I can now get it at my local Target in case I forget to order some. Sign-up for emails from the CURLS.biz website and they often have sales on the vitamins as well. Try it out!

  114. malleryhill@gmail.com

    Great alternative to swallowing big pills. Absorbing more of the vitamins for healthy hair is a plus too!

  115. Ballenbaby323@gmail.com

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  116. Owens.adiya@tahoo.com

    Honestly I love this product!! I have only been taking it for about 6 weeks. I started it right after my last relaxer and I can already see and feel new growth when I massage my scalp. I feel confident that this product will put my hair down my back again where it was in 2015 before I cut it all off. I not only use the liquid vitamin but also the shampoo, conditioner, oil, and edge control. Additionally, it taste and smells amazing!! I am more than excited about this product and my hair growth journey

  117. Thelmadavis197@yahoo.com

    This is an amazing product that I would recommend to anybody who’s trying to grown their hair.

  118. Indiakiani@aol.com

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  119. moonasya@yahoo.com

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  120. Priscaphills@yahoo.com

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  121. mariscia8@gmail.com

    This vitamin is the TRUTH! I’ve tried others that also “worked” but it took FOREVER plus I would forget to take it sometimes. Because this is in the fridge, I take first thing in the AM while I’m making breakfast. I wear my hair naturally curly so I really didn’t do length checks but when I would get my hair trimmed every three months my stylist would notice the growth when he pressed it. It is worth the money and I try to get it at Target using the RED CARD to get the discount.

  122. torriemaas@gmail.com

    I absolutely love these liquid hair growth vitamins! Right away, I noticed improvements in my hair and nails. My nails feel strong and hard. My hair feels thicker and is growing nicely. I highly recommend these vitamins!

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    I’ve been using now for a few weeks and noticed a difference in my hair fullness and length. My only concern has been with breakouts. This is an issue, although it is reported a NO BREAKOUT new formulation. Risk/Benefit ratio: hair growth or skin breakouts.

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