There can be various reasons for losing curly hair. The most common is due to lack of proper nutrition. You need to have a balanced diet full of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins if you are interested in saving your hair. You also need to add a good amount milk products and have plenty of water.

Excessive exposure to sun and wind can also cause curly hair loss. So try and protect your curly hair from extremes of weather. If you are using hair dryers and curling irons too often, then that may be the real culprit of your hair loss.

If your thyroid gland is malfunctioning then it can lead to loss of hair. Same can happen if any other hormone is not functioning well. There are certain medicines that lead to hair fall. If you have a fungal infection or have undergone a major surgery, then you can expect your hair to fall.  The same can happen if you have just delivered a baby. This usually happens because when you are pregnant, certain hormones cause your body to keep hair that would in the normal case fall. After delivery, the hormone levels are back to original and as a result the hair falls and a new cycle of growth starts.

Whatever may be the reason, curly hair loss should be taken seriously and treated promptly.