Many people think that there is no way you can prevent loss of your hair. They feel that losing hair and baldness are hereditary. But that is not always true. The best way to prevent loss of hair is to take care of it. You must not use too much heat or chemicals on your hair. Keep your scalp clean and give it proper nutrition. This way you are sure to have healthy, bouncy hair.

You must have food rich in calcium and vitamins. Use a good conditioner that will keep your curls hydrated. Curly hair tends to be very dry and frizzy. Make sure that you go for regular trims. Split ends are bad news for any kind of hair. So it must be avoided at all cost.

If you have androgenic alopecia, then there is nothing major that you can do to prevent hair loss as this condition is incurable. But there are various new treatments such as Proscar and Rogaine that has the capability of arresting hair loss. However these treatments may not work as well on total baldness. They are suitable in cases where there is still some hair left at the side and back.