Summer is just around the corner. Along with the beautiful sunny days and warm nights comes the daily assault of brutal, unforgiving UV rays that can render the healthiest curl lifeless. Here are a few basic tips to get your angel’s hair ready for the summer battle.

  1. Kick off the summer on the right foot. Start the summer with a good trim and conditioning treatment. Do the same at the end of the summer.
  2. Be protective. Start experimenting with protective hair styles (e.g. buns, braid, etc.) that can protect the hair from the sun while your angel frolics in the sun.
  3. Conditioning on the go. Turn a day at the beach into an all day conditioning treatment. Rinse hair well, apply an ample amount of Curly Q’s Coconut Dream conditioner to her hair, evenly distribute by detangling the hair with a wide tooth pick, and style into two ponytails with braids. The heat from the sun will act as thermal agent activating the conditioner. After you return home, thoroughly rinse the hair, and shampoo if needed.
  4. Hydrate daily. Invest in a quality daily moisturizer that will replenish lost moisture.
  5. Swimmers on board. If you have a swimmer, invest in a quality swim cap. If your little tyke won’t wear the cap, rinse her hair well, apply a generous coat of a conditioner and natural oil concoction to the hair, comb through, and secure in a bun. This extra step will act as a barrier to the chlorine.

Q: My daughter is 11 years old and has a head full of wavy, curly hair. I have not put a relaxer in her hair because her roots are straight. It’s like she has her dad’s straight roots and my waves. If I straight iron it, it lasts a day and starts to get curly or wave.. We have used all kinds of products. She puts a type of protein gel on it when she weasr it back in a ball. But she wants to wear it down. It is so pretty when she washes it. She wants something that will give it the same appearance it has when its wet. Please give us some advice. — Shelia

Mahisha: So you are looking for a product that will give your angel’s tresses the ‘wet’ look while conditioning and moisturizing them at the same time? I recommend that she tries our Moist Curls moisturizer. It hydrates and conditions the hair and gives the ‘wet’ look she is looking for. I do wonder how her hair is responding to the protein gel. Does her hair seem to be dry? If so, you should substitute a finishing and/or styling lotion for the gel. Our Curly Q Styling Lotion is also great! It enhances curl formation, combats frizz and leaves a soft and natural curl hold without a greasy, sticky or hard feeling. It also repairs the damage we do to our hair. It contains a new, patent-pending ingredient — a derivative of the primary lipid found at the hair surface. This important ingredient restores the integrity of your hair, protects the hair from environmental stress, and replenishes the protective layer bound to the hair cuticle. It is a great substitute for gel, mousse, hairspray and greasy oil lotions. It doesn’t take much for this product to do wonders. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly, after the moisturizer.

Also, take a look at my other responses regarding shampooing, conditioning,con ditioning with heat, etc. These tips might also be useful to you and your daughter.

Q: My 4-year-old daughter has beautiful red, curly hair, with medium to loose ringlets. Her hair is soft, rarely dry, but extremely fine. My problem with her hair is mostly that it straightens (especially towards the roots) if I don’t style it just right. Her curls retain their shape the best when I put her to bed with her hair wet with some curling mousse in it and lift her hair above her pillow so she’s not sleeping on it. My question is. how do create uniform curls all over her head? — Jennifer

Mahisha: Great question! Most curly girls would die for uniform curls. The fact is, most of us have a variety of curls on our head. There are those few blessed curly girls with the perfect coils, but they are rather unique. Do you have the time to maneuver and set each curl (e.g. apply product to each curl and either smooth and/or wrap around your finger or set on rollers until almost dry). If not, here is your next best (time-saving) option: use a great daily leave-n conditioner and scrunch onto wet hair and let air dry — very similar to what you have been doing with mousse. This will produce very similar results, but without the drying effect of mousse.

Q: My 11-year-old daughter has hair that I just do not know what to do with. What started out as a beautiful blonde head of gorgeous curls has ended up as a frizzy head of matted hair that does not come out of a very large ponytail. The only time I can convince her to leave it down is after she has washed and conditioned it and we have spent hours (no exaggeration) picking it out. When it is wet, it is long and beautiful. But if I let it dry, it loses the curl and becomes one mass of frizz. She will be entering middle school and I want to get some kind of control over it before then. Should we cut it short and start over or is there hope from here?

Mahisha: First and foremost, PLEASE do not cut her curly locks off. If she needs a trim, go for it.but keep her beautiful curls. Quick question: Are you using a daily moisturizer for her hair? This is very important. Our Moist Curls Moisturizer is a great option. It softens the hair, eases comb ability, moisturizes and conditions, and leaves a little goodness behind. You will notice a difference in her hair right away. I am also interested in her daily hair regimen (e.g. how often she shampoos, conditions, what styling products she uses, etc.)

I would, however, advise you to give her a deep treatment, with heat, ASAP. Invest $40 in a hard hooded dryer (from Sally’s) and a few plastic caps. Shampoo her hair and apply an ample amount of conditioner, comb the conditioner through her hair to ensure even distribution, cover with a plastic cap, and put her under the dryer for 15-20 minutes. I usually give my 10-year-old a deep treatment bi-weekly. I always buy one of her favorite pre-teen magazines the night before to keep her occupied during the treatment. Our Coconut Dream conditioner is a great thermal conditioner!

Q: My 6-year-old daughter had beautiful blonde ringlets as a toddler. As her fine, thin hair got longer, the curls eventually disappeared. She now has wave to her below-the-shoulder length hair, but the front of her hair is always wiry and frizzy. The wiry hairs will even spring out of ponytails, especially in damp weather! We shampoo every other day with a 2-in-1 kids shampoo, and I’ve tried many anti-frizz products found in drugstores (serum, spray-in, cream). My stylist told me to use a flat iron for now and wait until she’s older to have it chemically straightened. I discovered the Web site and thought I might be able to find some better tips for taming the unruly section of my little girl’s hair. Thanks for any advice!

Mahisha: I do see a few red flags.

  1. Over-shampooing and under-conditioning are common culprits for dry, frizzy hair. You are over-shampooing her hair. Every other day is WAY too often for her hair type. Instead, you should only shampoo 1 time a week max! On the other ‘shampoo-less’ days do a conditioning rinse — rinse hair to remove styling products (this is where using the right products that are water soluble come in….such as our products), apply an ample amount of our Coconut Dream conditioner, comb through, rinse and proceed with styling. Doing so will pump much-needed moisture back into her hair without stripping away essential nutrients, rinse away unnecessary dirt and oil and give her a fresh clean start.
  2. Avoid using – in-1 products for her hair. Buy her shampoo and conditioner separately. You are in need of a hydrating shampoo and a superior moisturizing conditioner. The problem I have with 2-in-1 products is they lump all hair needs into one bottle. That same product might work wonders for straight haired Sally, but is not recommended for your curly angel.
  3. Most anti-frizz products work great short term, but wreak havoc long term because they contain silicone derivatives that aren’t water soluble. They don’t wash away, so they build up on the hair shaft, blocking out moisture, thus drying out the hair. Always look for natural oils and products that contain natural oils and water-soluble ingredients.

I know this can be rather daunting.but it is imperative that you become a savvy consumer. For her ‘wiry’ flyaways, have you tried mixing a conditioner with a natural oil (e.g. coconut, almond, jojoba, etc) and smooth it onto the the hair? My daughter has coarse curly hair, and I often mix our Coconut Dream conditioner and our pure avocado oil together to treat her roots and her ends on a daily basis.

Regarding flat-ironing her hair, I would not advise you to get in the habit of doing so on a regular basis because it can cause severe dryness, breakage, and ruin the texture of her hair. Don’t get me wrong, straightening her hair every so often is okay. In fact, I like to flat iron my hair a few times a year when I am in need of change. However, I do not do so on a regular basis. Given the fact that your stylist recommended doing so AND suggested chemically processing her hair without exploring other options first makes me leery. Get a second opinion.

Q: For some reason, my hair used to go really curly without anything. But now I have to take a bath and use only certain shampoos to get it that way, And even then its no guarantee. What should I do?

Mahisha: You pose an interesting question — a question I cannot answer without more information. Have you experienced any major life changes (e.g. recently had a baby, taking a new medication, etc). This might be an issue your doctor might need to be made aware of.