New Season, New Haircut: How to Get the Best Curly Haircut?

By Tiffani Douglas

How to get the best haircut for your curly hair.


Every girl should know that the secret to healthy curly hair is a good cut. Regular trims and haircuts contribute not only to the look of your hair but also to its overall health.

Having a good haircut gives your curls shape and definition, which makes wash-and-go hairstyles a cinch – a huge time saver when you don’t have hours to spend styling your hair. Not only that, removing heat damage and weight helps your Curls hair products work more effectively.

Why Regular Haircuts are Important

Just like the products you use, haircuts should be part of your hair care routine when rocking natural curly hair. A great cut or a regular trim is the absolute best foundation for a consistent daily look and healthy, beautiful natural hair.

Split ends and chemically treated ends can wreak havoc on your curls’ health especially if you are transitioning. If the ends, which are the oldest parts of your hair, are not being trimmed or maintained regularly, they can split all the way up the hair shaft and affect healthy hair too, causing already delicate type 4C hair to break.

If you’re trying to grow out your hair, haircuts along with Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin strengthen hair and prevent breakage internally.

Always Dull, Frizzy Curls

If you’re a curlfriend who finds yourself constantly fighting the frizz you might need to rethink your haircut schedule. Sometimes curly hair loses its bounce, or it can take on an unflattering shape; many women actually need a trim every six to eight weeks. After a good haircut, maintain your defined, bouncy curls with moisture-rich products, like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Gelle which promotes hair growth while styling your curly hair.

Choosing A Stylist to Cut Your Precious Curls

Here’s a tip: everybody doesn’t know how to cut curly hair! Remember that! With that said, ask a lot of questions and watch out for red flags when getting your curly haircut.

  1. Make sure the stylist cuts your hair when it is dry while it’s still in its natural curly state. This way, they can account for curl pattern and make it consistent and even throughout.
  2. Don’t let the stylist use anything except regular scissors to cut your coils. Using any other shearing tool can cause curls to become frizzier. Who’s got time for that?
  3. A good haircut enhances your natural curl pattern so after you’ve checked the block and made sure that your stylist can indeed cut curly hair, confirm that you are getting a cut that is designed just for curly or wavy hair. This could mean angled or layered cuts.

After a haircut, kinkier curls can benefit from a combination of Cashmere+Caviar  Hair Bath followed by Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque to keep hair growing and healthy.  Using highly moisturizing curling creams and Curls hair treatments, helps strengthen and maintain the bounce and shine every curly hair girl desires after a salon trip. Remember to always apply styling products to soaking wet hair prior to towel drying to prevent further frizz and decreased curl definition.

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