Need Some Help with Your Curly Hair Growth Journey?

Your wish is my command!

CURLS most recent#GROWandSLAY challenge has recently ended, but we will be back for MORE!!!! If you want to grow your hair to longer, luxe lengths, there are a few reasons why a hair growth Challenge might be best for you.

Benefits of a Hair Growth Challenge

As told by Thomas Oppong, Founder of @alltopstartups, ” According to research, the two factors that effectively help people achieve the behavior change they desire are incentives and accountability.”  Therefore, strategic planning is needed within these areas for any path to success. Here are a few examples.

#1: Working as a group offers greater chance of success.

A hair growth challenge makes it easy to not “go it alone.”  It is a busy world and we all have so many goals on deck, especially at the beginning of the year. For this reason, your path to success should be a fun one!   Working together with a group is a great way to have an entertaining experience while meeting your goals.  Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.  During CURLS #GROWandSLAY challenge, our Facebook Group was a strong source of support and camaraderie for the challengers. We posted about our daily breakfast options.  We shared our favorite ways to take the vitamin and even shared our length with each other.  Sometimes in our sphere of influence in our local communities, there is a lack of support.  But with specialized social groups like our Hair Growth Facebook group, you have a ton of like-minded individuals striving to meet the same goal you are working towards.  Join our group and be the first to know about hair growth information and subsequent hair growth challenge.  Click here to participate.

#2: Monthly measurement tools give the opportunity for achieving short term goals

All participants in the #GROWandSLAY challenge committed to a long hair care regimen and also took CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin.  It sounds pretty simple, but taking vitamins can be tough when you do not visibly see if it is working with the common eye.  However, when you measure your length on day one and then take the time to check your length every two weeks, you see clear results.  We recommend sharing your first photo to tell your friends and followers that you have committed to a challenge.  This action of posting your intro length check is a sure sign that you have made a commitment which helps you finish the course.  Upon your next length check, you are encouraged to place the photos side by side to compare growth.  It is best to wear the same shirt and hold the hair in the same direction each time.  When you look at the growth, you will be astonished at what you see!  Another simple measuring tool used by some of the Grow and Slay Challengers is a Hair Growth Journal.  Simply use your journal to chart your hair care practices. You will learn what techniques are owning for you and which to drop off the radar.  You will also learn which products are working and not working for you.  It is time to be strategic in goal setting across the board!  Be sure to share on your Instagram and Facebook accounts photos of your experience to achieve the feeling of accomplishment of your short term goals to motivate you to continue to good fight to longer hair.

#3: A tangible reward stimulates the desire to continue

Rewards and incentives truly make the world go around.  For me, it doesn’t matter what the reward it!  I just love to win!  With our #GROWandSLAY Challenge, you have the opportunity to win a whopping $1,000 and a set of CURLS products!  Our next challenge may have even MORE in store for you.  This reward will come at the end of the journey and everyone does not win the physical award but we share many awards along the way.  Commitment to the challenge and the social sharing could get you short term wins, tangible reward and most importantly, LONGER HAIR!!!!!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the success stories:

The #GROWup is REAL and the results are achievable!  Stay tuned for the next #GROWandSLAY Challenge and prepare yourself for the best grow up of your life!

Follow @CURLS on Instagram and Facebook and check out the #GROWandSLAY hashtag to see everyone’s growth! Ready to get started on your longer lengths reality?  Find CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin at and your local Target stores.