Need a Go-To Protective Style this Fall?

We Got You!

All it takes is a little TLC!  Take care these next few months, before the Winter hits.  Each step you take could make of break all of the work you have put into your threads this year.  Here are some Fall Hair Care Tips to get you through this season and ready for the next!

Fall Hair Care for Curly Hair

So what is so different about the Fall from any other season?  Well MANY things!  First, there is a huge shift in the atmosphere.  Based on where you live, that could affect your environment many ways.  It may appear in the moisture of the hair, in the temperature, or even in the wind speeds.  Here is what you should do when you see these shifts:

  1. Less moisture in the air could cause your hair to become drier.  Combat this by applying a leave in Conditioner to your threads daily followed by a sealing oil like CURLS Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil.
  2. A change in the temperature is just that; CHANGE!  Any abrupt change could cause an imbalance in the hair. Therefore watch carefully and make sure you maintain your current hair care regimen. Tie your hair up in a silk scarf at night, drink plenty of water and continue your moisturizing and sealing method.  To be extra safe, I would add an extra deep conditioning session when you see the temperature start to change.
  3. Wind!  When the wind is getting stronger and stronger, you MUST hide your curls!  When you go outside, wear a hood over your curls, or rock natural protective styles to conceal the ends of your hair.  Below is an AMAZING video by @naturallytemi on a simple undo that can be casual or glam!  Enjoy!

Additional Tips for Curly Hair Care for the Fall

  1. Take your Vitamins – Did you know that healthy hair starts from within?  If you are not growing healthy hair, you cannot maintain healthy hair.  You can check this off your list by taking CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin.
  2. Clarify your hair for the season  – Get rid of summer residue by performing a thorough cleanse of the hair and scalp.  This will give you a clean, healthy palate to work with for the Fall.
  3. Deep Condition regularly – After any clarifying treatment you ALWAYS want to do a deep conditioning treatment on your textured tendrils.  But in the Fall season, you want to start deep conditioning more regularly.  For damaged hair, deep treat at least once per week.  For normal hair, you can deep condition less frequently but no less than once per month.
  4. Seal  – This refers to the process of sealing in the moisture of your hair daily.  As mentioned above, you will use a leave in conditioner like CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner or CURLS Aloe & Blueberry Curl Moisturizer to boost your hydration.  Hold the moisture for as long as possible by covering your curls with a sealing oil like CURLS Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil.
  5. Conceal – This refers to styling your hair in such  way that your ends are not exposed to the atmosphere.  A protective style like the one above it the perfect example of a concealed style.  When utilizing this technique of hair care, be sure to use adequate tension on your hairline rather than heavy tension to minimize breakage. Strengthen your edges by utilizing CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste!

And with that you are ready for the Fall!!! Stay tuned with CURLS for more tips to get your curly hair through the Fall and into the Winter!

What are your favorite Fall Hair Care Tips?