Let us follow the broad ways in which hair types are classified, which helps in defining a proper hair care regimen. Straight hair is broadly classified or categorized as a 1. This hair type essentially reflects the most sheen. Of all known hair types, it also happens to be the most resilient one. Among other features of straight hair are:

  • It is not easy to damage.
  • It is almost near impossible to curl this particular hair texture.
  • It is considered the most oily hair texture since the sebum works gently its way to the ends starting from the scalp, without the interference of kinks or curls.

Next is wavy hair, classified as a 2. It lies somewhere between curly and straight hair. It imparts sheen, more than your curly hair type, albeit less than the former (straight hair). This hair type is far more prone to frizz.

Type 3 hair is popularly known to be curly hair. You will clearly notice that it has a marked ‘S’ shape if you watch a type 3 curly hair strand carefully. A definite curl pattern is there in place. Curly hair is full bodied. It is damage prone and also very much climate dependent.

Lack of proper nourishment and care without expert advice will inevitably cause dull curls. Hence quality curly hair products must be used by people of all age group and gender who have naturally curly, wavy, curly hair kinky, and/or natural African American hair! It helps retain the natural beauty of curly hair.