Here are some hair care tips from nature to keep your curls healthy.

•    You must massage your scalp with warm coconut oil to keep it healthy.
•    Applying a blend of gooseberry juice and almond oil helps reduce dandruff. You can also crush some hibiscus petals and apply the juice to your scalp. Sour curd and lemon are also quite effective in preventing dandruff.
•    Castor oil promotes healthy growth of hair.
•    You can also apply besan in the hair and wash it with water that is left after cooking rice. This gives a healthy bounce to your hair.
•    You must do a ‘steam-towel-wrap’ once in a while if your hair cuticles are damaged. This opens the hair pores and absorbs oil.
•    Using egg white and curd as a conditioner gives good result.
•    You can take a little Mehandi, an egg, a little bit of juice and some instant coffee powder. Apply it on the hair and wash it off after sometime.

These are some of the remedies that you can follow to take care of your hair. However, if any of the remedies do not suit you then you must not continue with it.