It happens quite often that in spite of using the best products for natural curly hair, you are unable to get the desired results. One monumental reason behind this failure is the way you are using those products and taking care of your hair. People make a lot of mistakes while taking care of natural curly hair. Take a look at some of the commonly made ones.

Mistakes People Make while Caring for Them

Handling Your Hair Roughly: Generally people handle their hair very roughly. This includes brushing or combing it harshly; roughly pulling off a clip or scrunchy from their hair and not brushing it enough. Natural curly hair is generally very fragile so if you pull your hair frequently, it will break more; hence whenever you are taking off a scrunchy or hair band from your hair, do not pull it; instead be gentle with it and slowly take it off so you don’t break any hair. Secondly, you need to comb it and not brush your curly hair. Yes, hair brushes are not meant for curly hair and make natural curly hair more coarse; where as combs work to improve your hair’s quality.

Also, you need to comb your curls at least thrice a day. Combing the hair seldom makes hair harder and drier.

  • Not Keeping Your Hair Clean: Washing your hair once a week or even lesser than that is a huge mistake that people repeatedly make. Your hair and scalp need to be kept tidy; the dirtier you’ll keep your scalp, the weaker it will get and eventually, our hair will start falling out. So you need to wash your natural curly hair at least twice or thrice a week. Try not to wash your curls more than 3 times a week as you can drain out the moisture from them.


  • Heating the Hair Too Much: Guys and girls with natural curly hair are generally in the habit of straightening it time and again. You should know that too much heat is bad for all hair types, especially curly hair. Avoid heating your hair as much you can to keep them strong and healthy.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes and soon you’ll see positive results in your natural curly hair.


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