Mistakes Curly Haired People Frequently Make

Have you ever wondered why your kinky hair doesn’t become soft and smooth even though you use the best hair care products available? Well, if you have pondered over this question and have failed to get an answer then let me tell you that the problem lies in the way you manage your hair. Yes, a lot of us make a lot of mistakes while washing, brushing and managing their hair. And trust me, if you stopped making these flaws, you will get lovely looking kinky curls within weeks.

Brushing Kinky Hair

Using a hairbrush on kinky hair is a mistake myriads of curly haired individuals make. You should replace your brush with a comb and use it at least thrice a day.

Combing Your Hair Incorrectly

Now you’d be thinking how could someone comb their hair incorrectly, right? But guys, most of us comb our hair in the wrong way. You should never brush your hair from top to bottom, this causes the kinky hair to tangle up more. Instead, you should first comb the strands at the bottom; once they are smooth, you should comb your curls on the top.

Not Combing Your Hair Enough

People with kinky hair often avoid combing their hair often as they believe their curls would break more if they comb it frequently. This is an extremely wrong approach. Not combing your hair often makes the curls harder and more brittle.

Washing Kinky Hair Wrongly

Curly haired people frequently make the mistake of making a big pile of their kinky curls while washing them; this makes the curls get tangled up and also roughens them. Instead, you need to keep your head down while washing it and let the water run through your curls to prevent them from getting intertwined with one another.

Now that you have an idea of the mistakes people make, you should try to avoid them and in a matter of days, you will notice positive changes in your kinky curls.