Men can also have curly hair. Curls are not the prerogative of only women. Most men nowadays are beauty conscious. They take proper care of themselves. Curly hair is usually coarse and frizzy. Here are certain easy tips that men can follow to take care of their curls.
•    You must avoid using too much shampoo. When you use it, make sure they are creamy shampoos instead of clarifying
•    You must use a heavy conditioner every time you wash your hair.
•    You can also use styling cream that is designed for curly hair only.
•    You also get style serum that can help you fight the frizz problem.
•    Try to avoid blow drying. You must allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible.
•    Use a wide toothed comb to take care of your tangles. Never ever try to scrunch your curls. This way the frizz will be
•    Use a paper towel to squeeze out moisture. Do not rub your hair with a  towel.
•    Abstain from touching your curls too much. It invites frizz.

You must consult a good stylist will give your curls proper shape and make you look gorgeous. After all curly hair can really make you look attractive provided you take proper care.