Your scalp can benefit immensely from a good hair massage as the massage stimulates the flow of blood. The stimulated flow of blood helps feeding the hair follicles. This prevents the loss of hair to a great extent. A good massage can also help in the natural growth of curly hair. It is healthy for the hair follicles.

Tips For A Healthy Scalp Massage

• You must not use your nails for your scalp massage.
• For a friction massage, you need to use the balls of the fingers in quick movements over the scalp. You must move your fingers in circular motion over the entire scalp starting from the front to the nape. This will relax your scalp.
• For the kneading massage you need to use of the balls of the fingers of both hands. You must press firmly and rotate the skin of the scalp. Unlike friction massage, the movement should be slow but firm.

You need to remember that scalp massage yields best results if you do it regularly. You must also follow a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.