You cannot make your hair grow overnight. There is no quick fix available that will achieve the impossible. On an average the growth rate is only half an inch per month. However there are things that you can do to boost the growth of your hair. Given below are few tips.

• You must follow a healthy lifestyle and have a balanced diet.
• You need to use a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable to your hair type. Consult an expert for gudance
• You must never forget to apply conditioner after every wash to prevent it from knotting.
• Hair needs to be trimmed regularly in order to avoid split ends.
• Hair should not be exposed to heat for a long time.
• You can also take vitamins and minerals that help in healthy hair growth.
• Follow the basic hair care routine like brushing, massaging, rinsing, conditioning and so on.

You must remember that to keep your hair healthy, you need to have a healthy body. So take care of your lifestyle and do not indulge in a poor diet. You must also try and avoid stress as much as possible.