You must learn to love your curls. If you show that you care for them, then they too will respond accordingly. Make sure you keep your scalp clean for your hair to grow healthy. Wash your hair as often as you can to keep it clean. However, if you have really tight curls, then avoid using too much shampoo as it dries the hair. Apply a good thick conditioner after washing. Curly hair is frizzy and unmanageable. A good conditioner will help you tame the. You can even use a leave in one. Your hair needs to stay hydrated.

It is better not to share your comb or brush with others. This way, you attract scalp diseases. Also make sure that you do not comb your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is more prone to breakage. Try and dry your hair naturally as much as possible. The more you blow dry, the more heat you expose your curls too and that is harmful. Above all, you need to hava a healthy diet if you want your skin and hair to glow. Try and avoid stress as much as you can. Stress is directly related to hair loss.