Hair problems can be minor or major, recurring ones to give you headaches, literally. The minor ones can be treated within a few weeks on your own. But the major ones require very elaborate and proper treatment under expert observation.

Instead of going for expensive supplements, you can approach an established hair cure centre for a permanent solution. Certain hair problems are caused owing to some previous medical history or illness. They cannot be avoided. But other hair conditions like frizzy, dry and brittle hair are either treatable or can be prevented.

There are effective treatments for these hair problems. Chemicals can damage your hair. So you should opt for natural hair care products to take care of your hair. There are natural hair care products containing essential oils that revive the moisture to your scalp.

Essential oils like cypress, jojoba, coconut, rosemary and others can work wonders for your scalp. They are perfect for aroma therapy to prevent hair loss. You can use these oils directly on to your scalp and see their magic working on your hair. These oils have a soothing smell that helps soothe your nerves. They can be used as stress busters too.