You will lose some of your hair. It is a healthy process as it enhances the growth of new hair. This is a normal hair growth cycle. But if your hair falls at a rate faster than it grows, then it is a matter of concern for you. Your hair can fall due to a variety of reasons.

One of the major causes for hair fall is imbalance in your hormone system. It can be due to an excess of the testosterone hormone. The excess testosterone is converted to DHT (dihydrostestosterone) that is responsible for miniaturizes the hair follicle. As a result of this the hair follicle dies and falls out. Thyroid hormones play an important part in the growth of hair. So any imbalance there will result in hairfall.

Another reason for hair loss is lack of nutrition. If you are not having a proper diet, then chances are there that your hair will fall. Your diet must have a sufficient quantity of calcium, silica, iron, zinc and magnesium, vitamins B, C and E.

Try to avoid stress as stress is also a reason why your hair can fall.  Restrict the use of harmful chemicals in your hair. Too much coloring and using heat on your hair can result in large scale hair loss.