Lets’ Talk About Curls!

By Guest Blogger – Asia K.

If you haven’t noticed I love my hair, but it hasn’t always been that way. I am still going through my transitioning phase if that’s what you want to call it. Don’t worry I will tell you my story another time, right now I want to talk you about Curls. No, not the ones on my head but the product. So many feelings I have about this specific brand and they are all great. And you can find all of these products mentioned at www.curls.biz.  Just click on the on highlighted links to be sent straight to the product.

So lets start with some background info:

Did you know Curls was created by an African-American Woman? Well it is, and I am all about supporting my women of color.  Mahisha Dellinger, I have never met her but she has been a great inspiration for women and especially to me. Creating a product that speaks to all types of hair but especially caters to the kinky curly was a wonder and she continues to do so! The Blueberry Bliss Collection is an Allure winning collection and it has won my heart. This collection just keeps getting better with the Triple Threat being released earlier this year extending the collection.

Hopefully I can do another entry on those products later.

Right now I want to talk about the basics from the Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection including the Hair Wash, the Leave In Conditioner and Curl Control Jelly.  They are every kinky curly girls needs.


The Reparative Hair Wash is very Rich and Creamy and SULFATE FREE! The amazing thing about this wash is that it gives you the cleansing of a shampoo while nourishing your curls like a conditioner, SAY WHAT?!

Now the wash comes with a very specific set of instructions so follow them so you can receive all of the benefits of this awesome product. They recommend you follow up with the Reparative Hair Mask but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity of purchasing that quite yet so move on to the Leave In Conditioner.

Step #2:

The Leave In Conditioner is SUPER MOISTURIZING and believe the bottle when it say texture softening.  It smells so and I mean SO GOOD, lol! IT SMELLS LIKE BLUEBERRIES!

A plus to this conditioner a little means a lot. A palm full of leave in is not necessary with this product and the same goes for the Curl Control Jelly.

Step #3:

The Curl Control Jelly, “Jelly” is a fun way of saying Gel and this Jelly does not leave your hair hard or crunchy, but soft moisturized and voluminous. This is my first choice of a Gel especially on these humid Floridian Days. To top off the style The Curls Control Paste which is their Edge Control feels like Butter!

This is definitely a great brand and they still have more to come! I highly recommend you check them out!

Thanks for tuning in!

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Find all of these amazing items at www.curls.biz