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      There was a time when women with ethnic hair would run at the presence of water! I was one of those people.  When Relaxers, Jheri Curls and other chemical treatments were more popular to wear, women felt that water would ruin their do’s.  Today, I encourage you to view water in a different light. Try to see water as an opportunity to hydrate or restyle your curls.


Hydrating Co-Wash

Utilize the co-wash option in between shampoos.  Co-washing will gently cleanse your hair of mild product and dirt and allow the water to hydrate your curls, and then gently seal your cuticle.  It will not provide a deep penetrating condition but it will gently hydrate and get you through to your next scheduled cleansing day.  Co-washing will work best if you use organic natural hair care products regularly as these do not create a build up on your hair shaft.


Re-Styling Co-Wash

Co-washing is also great for changing your style.  Our hair is very moldable, especially when wet. Feel free to add a little hydration and prep your hair for your next look.  Most women find that co-washing can help the style last longer compared to “dry styling.”


So give it a try, and utilize these two options for co-washing.  You just might like it!