If you are right now cursing yourself because you have curly hair, then think again. There are so many people having straight hair who are dying to have your curls. So take care of your gorgeous curls and learn to flaunt them instead of cursing them.
You must not use too much shampoo on your hair. Even if you are, then you need to ensure that it is a shampoo rich in moisture and conditioner. You must avoid using brush on curly mane. Always try and comb your hair with a wide toothed comb. Also keep in mind that you must not towel dry your hair. The friction causes the cuticle to open resulting in frizzy hair.

Try and use a good smoothing and curling product on wet hair. The right way to apply the product is from the bottom of the shaft slowly moving up to the root. Avoid blow-drying. If you choose to do so, then use a diffuser to reduce the flow of air. If you want soft curls then let your hair dry naturally. You must visit your stylist regularly to ensure that your hair is trimmed properly. Properly maintained curls really look gorgeous