Have you ever wondered why sometimes the same hair care products work differently on your friend’s hair than your hair and same hairstyle appears differently on different people’s hair. This difference in the effectiveness of hair Care products and results of hairstyling is due to the presence of different hair types. There are three broadly identified hair types but these types are divided amongst further subtypes.

The first type of hair, which we all are aware of, is straight hair. Many beauty experts have noted that all hair types are covered with a layer of cuticles that save them from being damaged. Particularly for straight hair, there are more layers of cuticle on them hence ensuring greater immunity against damage for straight hair. However, the problem cause by this resistance to damage is that it is hard to style straight hair as the hair show resistance while styling or shaping. Straight hair has further three subtypes that ranges from fine to coarse straight hair.

Another very commonly known hair type is curly hair. They are characterized as having a shape of loops. The hair texture of curly hair varies to a far more degree as compared to straight hair. Curly hair can take different texture like soft, smooth to rigid and rough. Curly hair is less shiny when compared with straight hair; also, they get easily frizzy in humid climates. Types of curly hair might range from loosely curled hair to tightly curled hair.

Wavy hair is another hair type that, in terms of its characteristics, is closer to straight hair but has some properties of curly hair. Wavy hair are not that bouncy and hence hard to style. Different people have different kinds of wavy hair. Some have soft and silky waves while others have rough and dry waves.


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