It is essential that you know your hair type, as knowing the hair type can help you choose the suitable hair care products and perfectly style your hair. It is important that you know your hair type and follow a hair care regimen accordingly, but it is also essential to understand that no hair type is better than the other.

The basic hair type is straight hair; as the name suggests these hair have no curl or wave and have a smooth texture. Generally, they are easier to manage and comb, as they do not get frizzy. However, sometimes it can get a little difficult to style straight hair, as they do not hold curls properly.

Another hair type is wavy hair; the curls are not very well defined. The hair texture of wavy hair can range from fine to coarse, depending on person to person.

Curly hair is another hair type that looks very beautiful if proper hair care products are applied to them to keep them tangle free. People who have this type of hair have well defined and bouncy curls. Curly hair has lots of body and volume, thus it is easier to style this hair type. You can opt to either straighten them or enhance the natural curls. According to a renowned hair stylist Andre Walker, curly hair types with loose curls, tend to get frizzy and have a visible pattern “S” with tick hair texture.

Kinky hair type refers to hair that has tight curls and the curl pattern is visible. Andre Walker suggests that people with this hair type tend to have very fragile hair and have a tightly coiled curl pattern. The hair also tends to make a “Z” pattern.

Therefore, it is a good idea to examine your hair type, so you can take care of them accordingly and flaunt your beautiful curly tresses.


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