I Got 99 Problems But Beach Hair Ain’t One

By Tiffani Douglas

Departing cold, harsh winters and moving straight to sun and sand can be tough on your curls, so packing the right hair care products for your spring vacay is essential to keeping your curls poppin’!

To keep your hair 100 while on vacation, check out these 5 curly hair care solutions to beach hair problems!

  1. Sun damage

    After wearing protective styles and hats all winter long to shield your hair from blistering cold temps, you’ll want to let it all hang out, but protecting your hair from the sun is just as important as protecting it from the cold. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your hair cuticle causing dryness, split ends and frizziness. To moisturize, and protect your hair from sun damage use Blueberry & Coconut Hair Milk. Blueberries contain natural SPF (sunscreen) and antioxidants to protect your hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and it’s an ingredient present in many CURLS hair care products.


  1. Saltwater

    A day in the ocean can spell disaster for curly girls! Saltwater can dry out your hair making it brittle and prone to breakage if you don’t keep it in check. Keeping your hair clean and deep conditioned is key to preventing your curls from getting salty after wading in the water. Hair care products that offer intense moisture and conditioning are necessary to keep your curls hydrated and healthy during beach vacations. The Blueberry Bliss Wash Day Bundle, which includes a cleanser, leave-in conditioner, and mask, is a must for your travel bag.


  1. Dryness.

    No matter where you go or what you do, keeping your curly locks moisturized is essential! When curls dry out they can become a hot tangled mess making it difficult to manage, and eventually cause breakage, so implementing a daily moisturizing treatment using Lavish Curls Moisturizer is vital to preserving your curls while on vacay. Having a hair care product that you can spray and go for a quick shot of moisture is a saving grace for active spring vacationers.

  2. Scalp

    While it is important to ensure that your curls are on fleek, it is just as important to make sure your scalp is also protected. Any element that affects your hair affects your scalp too! Applying Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment to keep your scalp fresh, moisturized and stimulated is critical to maintaining healthy hair.


  1. Style

    Spring vacay isn’t spring vacay without selfies! Taking care of your curls is important, but lookin’ cute in all your pics is the ultimate goal when on vacation! Hot, humid climates can devastate curls causing your hair to look dull and frizzy. To style, fight frizziness and restore the sheen to your curls apply Goddess CURLS Botanical Gelle to stay looking cute and keep your curls blazin’ on your vacay!

Are you ready for your vacay?

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