How to WIN, when Styling for the Holidays!


Give your all to your holiday slay!  The CURLS team is here to help you get ready as the BIG Celebrations approach!!!!

          Styling for special events calls for intentional looks!  This Winter, a balance of textures is the haute hair trend to keep you #winnin each and every time.  For example, combine sleek and shine with voluminous texture.  Here is a visual example by @amberjanielle!  This style, exclusively created by Amber, involves a less than epic bantu knot-out.  We have ALL had a style-out fail, but you can ALWAYS turn your hair failures into success stories with holiday inspired updos.  The less-than-perfect texture is the ideal recipe for a voluminous masterpiece.


Image of and by @amberjanielle

To achieve this style, simply install your bantu knots on stretched, dry hair.  Apply a product of choice, that has a bit of water and a holding agent, within the formula.  For a light styling effect, use the CURLS Gel-les’c (pictured).  It is not a gel, nor a cream, but somewhere in between.  This light organic styler with a lovely cucumber scent will style your hair without the risk of damage or negative side effects like frizz, or worse, CRUNCHINESS!

After applying your light styler, wind the hair into little knots around your head.  For more of a body wave, use larger sections.  For a more defined curl, use smaller sections.  Be sure to let the hair thoroughly dry before unraveling.  Check out the full video of @amberjanielle’s epic holiday slay:


Unravel the bantu knots, fluff and prepare to style.  Amber used the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil to style out her look.  You can too, by clicking here.  Then, swoop your hair to one side and lay the edges with your favorite CURLS Paste such as the Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste ( pictured) or the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste, as used by Amber.  Continue by flatroll-twist towards one side of your hair, and pin, pin, pin!  Then, take the length of the hair and wrap into an elegant side bun.  If you do not have lengthy hair, that’s okay! Use an additional hair piece to get the look you are looking for.   Then take the other section of the hair and gently twirl towards the center of the hair and pin.  Take the excess hair and gently pin onto the top of the existing bun.  Use the end of a straight edge comb to style and if you like, apply a bit more paste to your edges to finish off your look.

This simple style will make you look like your personal stylist came to your home to get you ready for your HAUTE day!  Try it and let us know what you think of your holiday ‘do!  Share on social media and tag with #frizzfreecurls.  Want to results of @amberjanielle?  Click here to cop the best products for curly hair.