How to Make the Most of Your Wash and Go

By Tiffani Douglas

Tips for a better wash and go style.

Though one of the easiest and most convenient hairstyles for curly hair, the wash and go can be frustrating for those who don’t know how to properly make it happen.

From too much product to not enough, to application and technique, a million things can go wrong. The good news is a great wash and go is really not that complicated. Once you know what to do and how to use the best hair products for curly hair, you’ll nail this routine.

Locking Down a Routine

First things, first. Like everything else with natural hair, there’s lots of trial and error, and you’re going to make mistakes. You may not get the fleekest wash and go the first few times but finding out what works and what doesn’t is a major step in the right direction. Experiment with CURLS’ organic hair products and create a regimen using your own techniques and our recommendations for a flawless wash and go.

How to Execute a Wash and Go

Your hair needs to be clean. If your hair is not clean, chances are your wash and go will be a wash and go nowhere – real quick! Clean hair is the foundation for any textured style and when you try to style your hair on top of dirty, oily or product-laden hair, a light and airy style will not survive. So, the first step in having a great wash and go is cleansing. First, use a natural and vitamin-packed cleanser, like the Sea Kelp Curl Cleanser.  It’s definitely gentle enough for 4c hair.

The application is everything. After you’ve cleansed your curls, apply a generous amount of styling products to soaking wet hair. Do not towel or t-shirt dry. Applying your leave-in conditioner and your defining gel to the hair while it’s saturated allows for better distribution throughout the hair. Apply the product from root to tip and part it in small sections to detangle and ensure even dispersal.

Hold up on the products. A wash and go should be an easy daily hairstyle, right? So, why are you complicating it by using 10 different products? Once your hair is clean, you don’t need many different products to get that great wash and go look. Simplify your routine with the frizz-fighting and moisturizing, Avocado Hair Mousse to set your curls.

Sweat the technique. After you’ve added your styling products, part your hair into four sections (or whatever is manageable for you) and use your fingers to detangle and spiral curl your hair in each section. You may need to hit it with the spray bottle a few times before you’re done, but allow it to completely air dry before you touch it again. If you must speed up the process, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Voila! Now you have the info you need to go create your lovely wash and go style.

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