Curly hair kids often face a lot of difficulty while managing their hair. Curly hair has a tendency to become extremely frizzy sometimes and this can easily upset your child. You need to adopt a lot of care if you have curly hair kids and need to guide them about proper hair care and its benefits. Children are often resilient to learning hair care techniques but you can make this learning process fun by following these tips.

  • Make fun stories involving hair care and its importance: Every night you put your child to bed, treat him with an exciting story that involves around taking care of your hair and how beneficial it is for you. If you have a daughter, you can include her favorite characters like Barbie or Cinderella in the story or maybe make up a story about how Rapunzel shampooed her hair properly to get long, beautiful hair. Moreover, if you have a boy, you can include Ben 10 in the hair care story.
  • Give your child freedom to choose his own shampoo: Children become involved in an activity when you give them authority and ask for their opinion. When you go for buying a curly hair shampoo for your kid, tag him along and ask him for his favorite fragrance. If he likes it, he will surely be eager to use it on his hair too.
  • Demonstrate shampooing to your kids: Show your curly hair kids on how to shampoo their hair by using it on your hair. Begin by rubbing the shampoo gently on your scalp and moving your fingers down gently and make sure that your children follow correctly. Also, ask them to condition their hair and keep an eye on them while they do so.

Practice these tips with your curly hair kids and soon, they will be managing their curly hair perfectly without your help.


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