How to KNOW Your Curls with CURLS!!!

by Janelle Sands

Did you catch CURLS CEO, Mahisha Dellinger on THE REAL??? Here is the full episode where she and the full cast, get to KNOW what waves, curls and kinks are ALL about!  Can’t the full video here:

Did you learn a thing or two about your unique curl texture?  Well stick around, there is plenty more to learn!  Believe it or not, there are many similarities and differences between each hair type.  Knowing the general characteristics is a great start to get you on the road to curl mastery!  Take a look at your hair type’s attributes and use these tips and tricks to achieve your best curls!


The benefits of wavy hair include amazing sheen, flexible styling options, and ease of styling.  However, wavy hair probs include frizz, excessive oil, and lack of volume.
Frizz is a symptom of thirsty hair strands. Can you see how the external cuticle layer of frizzy hair is raised and reaching out for moisture? Combat these frizzy woes with a light moisturizer, followed by a frizz banishing gel made from botanical ingredients to maintain the health of the hair.


Due to the frizzy nature of wavy hair, anti-frizz and moisturizing stylers are key for creating and keeping gorgeous waves.

  1. Use CURLS Lavish Curls Moisturizer to banish frizz.  Simply apply your moisturizer and distribute throughout.
  2. Next, apply your botanical styler, and scrunch to your desired texture.  Leave your waves to air dry or diffuse with minimal touch. ( P.S Touching the hair during drying time will create more frizz!)


The benefits of curly hair include amazing movement, full volume, and a beautiful curl pattern. However, curly hair can be prone to tangles, damage, and frizz.  

Each twist and turn of the curl is an opportunity for breakage, therefore gentle styling and manipulation is essential.   The many twirls also pose a problem for dryness, since the scalp oil has such a long and rocky road to travel from roots, all the way to the tips.  Thus, dry hair is quite the challenge.  


  1. To reap the benefits of full-bodied volume and voluptuous curls, use CURLS Lavish Curls Moisturizer from roots to tips followed by CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly to softly hold those curls in place without the frizz.
  2. For even softer, touchable curls, use CURLS Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream to whip those curls into shape! Scrunch your curls for more definition and volume or shingle the product throughout to stretch and elongate the curls.


The benefits of this hair type include high texture, multiple styling options and unlimited volume!  However, kinky hair is the most susceptible to dryness, frizz, dullness and damage. 

Therefore, treat this hair type like a fine silk blouse – cleanse gently, detangle softly, and avoid harsh chemicals. With the proper care, kinky textured hair will be alive, and will thrive!  Enjoy your best hair days when hair is adequately moisturized and consistently cared for.


  1. Bring forth the most beautiful attributes of these textured tendrils with CURLS Twist N Shout Cream for the best twist-out that will make you want to shout!
  2. After detangling, apply the creamy, emollient rich cream throughout the strands.  Then twist or braid your hair and secure with your choice of curl rods.  Gently unravel each section when dry and shake your hair at the base of the roots for the best volume, shine and movement.
  3. Apply CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste as your finisher along the hairline for a smooth look, while nourishing the hair follicles with the stimulating power of certified organic Blueberry Extract.


Waves, curls and kinks have their challenges, but with CURLS you have SOLUTIONS to your everyday curl probs!  Obtain your frizz fighting, moisturizing collection at