How to Embrace Your Natural Texture

By Tiffani Douglas

two women embracing natural hair texture

From a very young age, every little Black girl lived in anticipation of getting her hair straightened on holidays or for other special occasions. It was like a rite of passage when it was finally time to transition from getting press and curls on those occasions, to getting the first mild relaxer. (Every little Black girl on the block was checking for a Just for Me perm!)

Tired of “fighting,” and in an effort to make natural hair more “manageable,” many moms of curly haired girls bit the bullet and applied harsh chemical straighteners to girls as young as five years old. Little did they realize they were setting the tone for the Black woman vs. hair war that would ensue for years to come.

The long-term emotional and physical effects and the unforgiving maintenance-cycles that came with the introduction of these chemical treatments were widely accepted until about two decades ago. Then something amazing happened…Black women everywhere began to ditch chemical relaxers and embrace their naturally curly hair, but not without some struggles along the way.

We now know the chemicals in those straighteners were not only harming our hair and scalps, they were also harming our bodies too. With the rise of more advanced curly hair products and formulations, we were finally able to do more with our curly hair and hairstyles. Natural hair care products like CURLS made it easier for girls with curly hair to embrace, accept and love their hair in its beautiful natural state.

Have you made the transition to natural hair yet?

If so, you know it’s not just a transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair. It’s a movement. Women are sporting curls in abundance and loving it! If you’re in transition, or just haven’t made the move yet, here are five reasons to embrace your natural texture.

Love on all of you.

Using organic hair products is a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. When you become more conscious about what you put on your hair and body, you also raise your level of consciousness about what you put into your body. This awareness leads to better overall health. Stay woke!

The full health of your hair is restored.

Relaxers and other chemical treatments can damage your hair and even hinder hair growth. When you transition to natural hair and use natural curly hair products, you will see your hair grow longer, thicker and healthier than ever before. For the first time in life, you’ll be excited to watch your hair grow!

Say goodbye to dry, itchy scalp.

Many chemical treatments can dehydrate, cause irritation and lead to a dry, itchy scalp. The absence of harmful chemicals in your hair care routine helps the scalp heal from chemical damage. What’s more, the use of all-natural curly hair products nourishes and revitalizes your scalp.

Hairstyles galore!

When you go natural, you are opening yourself up to endless, easy and low maintenance styles. Curly hair can be styled in ways that other textures cannot hold. From braids to twists, to wash and go styles, you are never limited in your hairstyles with naturally curly hair.

Wearing natural hair re-establishes the cultural connection.

The natural hair movement is one of epic proportions. Literally, by getting back to our roots, we also establish a better sense of self through our talks about natural hair. Conversations about Black hair have always corresponded with community and as a curlfriend, you will quickly find yourself becoming part of that growing cultural community.

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