How to Capitalize a Lowercase Opportunity with @Powerhandz Danyel Surrency Jones


What do you do when you have an opportunity that could go North or South?  Well, hopefully you tuned into this wisdom-enriched conversation between Danyel Currency Jones of @powerhandz and @AshleyEmpowers.  The two, in collaboration with CURLS, met up on Instagram for a live session on this unique #CURLSbossmoves topic entitled, ” How to Capitalize a lowercase opportunity.”  Here are some of the highlights from the conversation:

1. Danyel on professional titles…

” I am simply a vision chaser. I really don’t care when it comes to success, red carpets, the money, all of those things – I simply want to chase the vision that God has given to me.  I have a responsibility, if he has laid a dream or a vision, I have a responsibility to fulfill that or I’m going to fail Him.  My title is that I am a vision chaser.

2.  Danyel on her current reality…

 ” Did I envision being an entrepreneur? No!  I thought that first, you go to undergrad school, then you go to grad school, you then get your business degree, and you get a corporate job and you are there forever! What I did not realize is that the corporate opportunities that I had, allowed me to learn all these different skill sets and get cross functional experience through different disciplines to take me to the entrepreneurial step.  So, I realized that in that journey, there is a crawling step, there’s a walking step and then I jumped… And we jumped into this entrepreneurial journey, but it was when the time was right.

3. Danyel on capitalizing a lowercase opportunity…

” This entrepreneur word is such an awesome,  sexy word. I never want people to understand that your journey has to be leave your job and become an entrepreneur because I spent 15 plus years in corporate America learning all the things that I could.  So I would certainly say that my first lowercase opportunity came from corporate America.  

I took a job as a sales rep in Miami where I had no clue about medical sales, I had no clue what I was selling and no clue about the industry, I was green.  However, I knew that because the opportunity was rare for someone like me to get involved in radiology sales.  Plus I had this access to mentors who did not look like myself who were willing to invest in my career.  This was rare and an opportunity in my career that caused me to step back and say I am raising my hand for this and I am going to do the best that I can and learn the most to make an impression so that people who invested in me and my success, will want to pull me up and have me join their team, which they did.  One of the women I attribute my success, by pulling me out of the industry, is a woman named Kathy Bailey.  If she did not take the opportunity to bring me onto her team, I would never have understood what success was made of…”


WOW, this is just a taste of the delicious nuggets of PURE WISDOM from Danyel Surrency Jones.  Thank you so much @PowerHandz for your words and for empowering our @CURLS family!

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