How to Build an Organic Hair Care Regimen

By Tiffani Douglas

Building an organic hair care regimen.

Whether you’re a long time naturalista or a new curlfriend, properly caring for your hair starts with building an organic hair care regimen.

When implementing a curly hair care regimen, it’s important to first define your goals, then choose organic hair care products accordingly. For example, if your hair is dry and brittle, restoring and replenishing is the goal. If it’s growth you want, products designed to stimulate growth will make a difference. Thankfully, Curls’ new Green Collection offers solutions for all your hair goals.

Every great hair care regimen begins with the basics and knowing the ingredients in your products.

Here are five basic steps to include in your organic hair care routine.

 Cleanse. Washdays can be stressful and time-consuming. However, starting with a clean scalp is key to healthier hair. Regularly cleansing with an organic, sulfate-free cleanser will not only remove dirt, debris and buildup but also provide additional hydration. Apply Sea Kelp Curl Cleanser to gently cleanse the hair and scalp.  Bonus: this product also naturally stimulates hair growth.

Condition. Conditioning and keeping curls moisturized is THE key to strong, healthy and beautiful curls. Organic hair products deliver actual nutrients and vitamins to your hair and scalp. Chemically or color treated hair especially needs extra love. Try the leave-in Bamboo Protein Treatment to actually bring the protein back to your strands and strengthen brittle hair from the inside, out.

Detangle. Part of the reason washdays are so stressful is because of the detangling process. After cleansing, follow up with a 15-minute detangling mask, like the Sea Kelp and Cucumber Hair Mask. This triple duty treatment, detangles, shines and restores dehydrated curls.

Shine. Dull hair is the worst. To get that healthy shine, try the innovative Green Tea Hair Rinse. With natural ingredients, it balances out your hair’s pH so it can better lock in moisture. It’s a quick and easy step that will make a huge impact on your hair’s health and appearance.

Styling. Now that you’ve prepped and treated your hair with all organic products, it’s time to let your healthy hair do most of the work. The versatile Avocado Hair Mousse works for setting wash n’ go curls, defining twist outs and preventing damage.

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