The brushes that you are going to choose can have a major impact on the health, look and feel of your curly hair. While looking to get a brush, you will find out that there are several styles and types of them.

Each one is designed to fulfill a specific purpose. It is important to understand what type and size of brush you require. The correct choice sure can help keep your curls in fine condition sans any damage. Conversely, employing the wrong brush can badly tangle your hair, or break it. Here, we suggest some of the products generally recommended.

Denman classic brush is a popular D4 model. It is considered ideal for brushing conditioner gently (while in the shower) through your tresses to create springing spiral curls! Try it and feel the difference for yourself! It gives perfect grip and maximum control thanks to the famous Denman rubber pad (anti-static in nature). It also works well for the purpose of blowdrying, shaping, polishing and smoothing the hair.

Another popular product in this category is Denman paddle brush. The D83 is ideal for gentle and even grooming as well as straightening. Nylon pins at the end of each bristle set into an air-cushioned and natural rubber pad help penetrate the hair without causing damage. They gently straighten and smooth your curls.