Have you Tried #CurlsTriplethreat Products?

By Janelle Sands, CURLS Educator

You do NOT want to miss the new CURLS Triple Threat line!!!!  What’s CURLS Triple Threat?  Well, it’s a new addition to your favorite Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection found at Target Stores!!!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Triple threat is a term used to describe an inanimate object or person with three tremendous talents used to conquer an opponent… In our case, to conquer your curls! Below are the talented attributes of these amazing products.

  • Talent #1: Enhance your Moisture
  • Talent #2: Expand your Growth
  • Talent #3: Extend your Style

…Here’s how:

The Aloe and Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer

Use daily or as needed to ENHANCE YOUR MOISTURE by refreshing, reviving and rejuvenating 2nd, 3rd and even 4th day curls!  Formulated with certified organic aloe leaf juice to add strength, enhance shine and combat frizz plus certified organic blueberry extract to repair damage, prevent breakage and encourage hair growth.

The Blueberry and Mint Tea Scalp Treatment

Use daily or as needed to EXPAND YOUR GROWTH through the invigorating scalp treatment to refresh the scalp, combat dandruff, relieve itching, prevent dryness and stimulate the scalp at the follicle level!  Formulated with certified organic blueberry seed oil, coconut oil and corn mint to soothe, and relieve dry, itchy scalp, prevent breakage and encourage hair growth. For  an Oily scalp regulator, the same procedure applies. Use daily or as needed to regulate the sebaceous glands.  Apply to your scalp and gently massage to send a signal to your scalp that you have enough oil and do not need to produce oil in excess.

The Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk

To EXTEND YOUR STYLE by softening, moisturizing, repairing and detangling your waves curls and kinks too! Formulated with certified organic coconut milk and blueberry extract to moisturize the driest curl, condition overworked tresses, and enhance growth, in one step!

Best Practices include:

We’ve got great news!  The products can be used alone or altogether!  In fact, the new #CURLStriplethreat items can also be used with the extended Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection. Pick and choose what you want to use, based on your hair care needs and goals.  

Option #1:

When using all three together, start with moisturizing the hair with the Aloe and Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer, then nourish your scalp with the Blueberry and Mint Tea Scalp Treatment and gently massage.  Finish with the Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk along the entire hair shaft to both hydrate and preserve your moisture, enhance your shine and extend your style.  You can also use the three new #triplethreat items as a custom CURLS Cocktail by squeezing a dollup of Hair Milk into your palms, spraying 2-4 sprays of the Moisturizer and dropping ½ droplet of Scalp Treatment into your palms. Mix together and apply to the length of your hair!

Option #2:

These three items are great for extending the time between wash days.  Simply, style your hair in your wash and go style, and use the three new #CURLStriplethreat items to refresh, and rejuvenate until your next wash day.  You can start the refresh process with the Aloe and Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer.  Massage the product throughout the hair shaft and grab your Aloe and Mint Tea Scalp Treatment.  Apply a few droplets along the scalp being sure to make sure every area of the scalp is anointed by the oil.  Then massage the scalp in circular motions.  Finally, grab your Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk.  This creamy conditioning styler should be spread along you hands and fingertips and then applied to your strands.  Then finger style.  You will LOVE your refreshed look.  

Option #3

You can use CURLS Triple Threat for all styles on your hair including braids, twists, and all forms of style outs.  The scalp treatment is light and will not interfere with your styling, and the moisturizer serves as the perfect base to all styles.  Use your Hair Milk as your main styler and enjoy your detangled, shiny strands day after day!

Check out how Kenny Cooper restyles her glorious mane with CURLS Triple Threat below!

Ready to get Triple Threat hair?  Find each of the three items at www.curl.biz and select items NOW at your local Target Store!  Drop a comment on your favorite item from the trio!!!