CURLS Triple Threat

Have you heard about the Newberry Bliss!?

It’s New, it’s BLUE and definitely for YOU!

It’s known as #CURLSTripleThreat

Triple Threat is a term used to describe an inanimate object or person with three tremendous talents used to conquer an opponent… In our case, to conquer your curls!

…Here’s how:

CURLS upgraded the Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection with the #3newblue #TripleThreat game changers with three talents:

 Talent #1: Enhance your MOISTURE

Talent #2: Expand your GROWTH

Talent #3: Extend your STYLE

The Aloe and Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer – To ENHANCE YOUR MOISTURE by refreshing, reviving and rejuvenating 2nd, 3rd and even 4th day curls!  Formulated with certified organic aloe leaf juice to add strength, enhance shine and combat frizz plus certified organic blueberry extract to repair damage, prevent breakage and encourage hair growth.

The Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk To EXTEND YOUR STYLE by softening, moisturizing, repairing and detangling your waves, curls, and kinks too! Formulated with certified organic coconut milk and blueberry extract to moisturize the driest curl, condition overworked tresses, and enhance growth, in one step!

The Blueberry and Mint Tea Scalp Treatment – To EXPAND YOUR GROWTH through the invigorating scalp treatment to refresh the scalp, combat dandruff, relieve itching, prevent dryness and stimulate the scalp at the follicle level!  Formulated with certified organic blueberry seed oil, coconut oil and corn mint to soothe, and relieve dry, itchy scalp, regulate oily scalp, prevent breakage and encourage hair growth.

Why the Expansion:

CURLS CEO and Founder Mahisha Dellinger brought forth two of the three curly hair care products as an answer to multiple requests from her extended #CURLSfam! According to Mahisha,” We MUST give the CURListas what they want!  So we created what they asked for; the Aloe and Blueberry Juice Moisturizer and Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk – two of the most requested products to add to our Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection.”

That’s not all, there’s more!  CURLS’ three additions, offer a new, innovative adventure for the curl community! Mahisha shares, “ My goal is to always give the CURListas yet another new experience, so I created the Blueberry and Mint Tea Scalp Treatment, a game changer for your hair care regimen.  Apply directly to your scalp using the calibrated dropper and gently massage.  You can also add a few droplets to your favorite CURLS products for a custom curl cocktail!”

Check out what the blogger community has to say about #CURLSTripleThreat:

So wait no more!  CURLS Triple Threat items are available now at and coming soon to Target Stores.  Click HERE to get yours now!