Have you Heard about CURLS Cashmere + Caviar Hair Masque?

You were not MADE to be AVERAGE!  You were built in an extraordinary way and should be treated as such.  From your head to your toe, treat yourself with the exceptional care you deserve.  

CURLS Cashmere + Caviar Hair Masque

Drench your coils in the creamy, decadent, luxury treatment Masque infused with Cashmere and Caviar Extracts.   With long lasting, INTENSE nourishment to hydrate, strengthen and ultimately lengthen your curls, coils and kinks!

Due to the nature of your highly textured tresses, dryness can be a major factor, which weakens the strands and causes breakage.  Therefore, treat your tresses to this creamy, decadent, luxurious treatment to STRENGTHEN – RESTRUCTURE and ADD SHEEN to your hair.  Utilize your treatment mask after cleansing with CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Hair Bath which detoxifies and relieves the hair and scalp of debris and product build up.  A great cleanse is the perfect precourser to the ideal deep conditioning treatment as it allows ALL of the ingredients to absorb into the hair strand.

Check out what @daynabolden achieved with her Cashmere and Caviar Collection here!

Best Practices:

For long lasting moisture that strengthens, protects, and adds long lasting shine use your Treatment Mask at least twice per month.  For ultimate strength, protection and restructuring use your mask each time you cleanse your hair or once per week.  To take your conditioning treatment to higher heights, be sure to leave on your hair with a covered plastic cap for a period of 20-30 minutes under a hooded dryer.  This will open up your cutie layers and let in the moisture.  Rinse with cool water to hold in the moisture.


Professional Tip:

Want to turn your treatment mask into a detangling mask?  Add CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Hair Serum to your Hair Masque!  Just a dab will do – a little goes a LOOONG way!  The extra oils in the serum will make for an easy comb through.  Simply add the serum to the mask, sit under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes and gently comb through as you run the water through your hair.  Rinse thoroughly!


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