If you have dandruff in your curly hair, then you need to treat it very carefully. You can try a few tips as mentioned below to get rid of it.

• Regularly massage your scalp with coconut oil for enhancing hair growth.
• You can also use oil boiled with onions in it for stimulating hair growth.
• A mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice is also very good for hair. You can apply it with your finger tips.
• You can also use a warm mixture of coconut and almond oil with lemon juice. After that you can do a steam -towel- wrap for around 15 minutes and wash your hair.
• A paste of mustard and fenugreek also does wonders.
• Another miracle cure is the juice of the hibiscus flower. Crushing the petals of a few flowers and applying the juice can work wonders in getting rid of dandruff.

These are all home remedies and completely organic. They are usually helpful if you arrest the growth of dandruff in the initial stages. If the growth is beyond control then you need to consult an expert immediately. Do not neglect it. If it goes beyond control then it would really harm your scalp. The key to keep dandruff off your curly hair is to cleanse and condition your hair with organic quality hair products