Very Curly Hair Products

What do you get when you mix all-natural ingredients with hair expertise? The very curly hair products that your very own curly hair needs to grow and thrive. We have built the CURLS brand around hair formulas that you can be proud of and rest easy with the knowledge that you’re not harming your fabulous follicles with unnecessary chemicals. We take an organic approach to develop very curly hair products that protect, nurture, and moisturize the luscious locks of curly haired ladies across the globe.

Hair Types: 3C


Step 1: Cleanse

  • Creamy CURL Cleanser


Step 2: Condition

Step 3: Moisturize

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Step 4: Style

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5. Treatment

Products made for your very curly hair

If you’re using hair products with sulfates and other harmful chemicals, unfortunately the answer is no. It’s a shame that the hair industry is full of companies that take the easy way out, using ingredients that you’d shudder to learn about. That’s why we take the time and care to develop very curly hair products that you can be proud of.

If we wouldn’t put it in our hair, we wouldn’t put it in yours. We treat our CURLS family with the devotion to ensure that you’re purchasing natural hair care that will restore damaged locks and take your hair health to new heights. If you’ve been underwhelmed with the very curly hair products that you’ve purchased in the past, let’s change things up for you. Give our CURLS products a chance and you’ll quickly be amazed at the results.

Hair care isn’t a gimmick to us or an afterthought developed by a large corporation. Instead, we’re a company that is committed to holistic hair care through ingredients like chamomile extract, aloe leaf juice, blueberry extract, and more. The ingredients in your very curly hair products should be something to celebrate, not something to cringe at when reading the label. So if you’re looking to celebrate your curls, celebrate with CURLS.

It can be hard to find the perfect products for very curly hair. After all, you don’t have straight hair — or even loose waves for that matter. You have a head full of amazing curls that should be cherished, repaired, and moisturized properly. Let us make that easy for you with our very curly hair products that are sure to impress, with our Blueberry Bliss hair growth oil, reparative hair mask and reparative leave in conditioner.

Beyond making shampoos, conditioners, and wash day bundles, we also make reparative products, hair masques, curl cream, and hair growth oil. When developing our very curly hair products, we were sure.