Nowadays, many cosmetic companies are making tons of money by producing hair care products at a massive scale that claim to give you frizz free shiny hair. However, before investing money in any hair care products, it is essential that you analyze your hair and understand the type and texture of your hair. As it can be a very frustrating situation, when you have invested your precious money in an expensive hair care product and yet there are no results.

Many people do not understand the difference between hair type and hair texture. Hair type refers to the kind of hair you have for example straight, curly etc., whereas hair texture refers to how your hair feel. Professional hair stylists typically classify hair texture into these three broad categories broad, medium and fine.

As the hair texture refers to the circumference of the hair strand, coarse hair texture is the largest in term of its circumference, whereas fine has the smallest hair strand circumference. Hair with medium texture has a hair shaft which lies in the mid-range and thus, no particular considerations are taken into account before undertaking any chemical processing or coloring of the hair.

A hair texture chart can further help you in identifying the exact texture of your hair, as it contains visual samples of all the hair texture, allowing you to assess the differences between various natural hair textures. There are many categories of hair types including straight, curly, wavy, and kinky. All these hair types can possess different types of hair texture.

Many people consult these hair texture charts as it provides them with vital information not only about their own hair texture but also about many other types of hair texture.

Knowing your hair texture can help you in selecting the right hair care product and treatment to suit your hair type. Coarse hair is stronger than other hair texture, thus it is difficult to do chemical processes on such hair texture. Coarse hair is often resistant to perming, straightening and hair coloring process. Fine hair texture on the other hand, can be easily processed, however the chance of over processing the fine hair is also greater and they are more prone to damage caused by chemical treatments.

Hair texture varies from person to person, and ethnicity and race are not the determining factors of the texture of your hair. However, it can be useful to consult a hair texture chart to analyze your hair and give them the care they deserve.


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