To take perfect care of your hair, it is very necessary to know your hair texture. In order to have a better understanding of your hair, the hair texture chart is the best guide. This chart gives you an opportunity to compare your hair texture with other hair textures. There are mainly four broadly defined hair texture categories, namely straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and kinky hair. These hair texture types can be further classified into subdivisions.

The hair texture chart helps you in identifying your hair texture as this chart incorporates visuals depicting a wide range of variations in the hair types. The texture of straight hair is smooth and silky, but the level of smoothness varies from person to person. The second hair texture is curly hair, which is usually more rigid and rough. For some people, curly hair is very hard to manage and for others their curly hair is manageable. The texture of wavy hair is usually coarse and kinky hair is hard to manage. If you ever get a chance of viewing a hair texture chart closely, you will realize that the above-mentioned four categories of hair texture have more variations than these.

There is a difference of hair texture between black women’s hair and white women’s hair. For example, if two women have curly hair, it is wrong to assume that their hair texture is the same. In fact, it might be so that one of the women has well-nourished and shiny curly hair while the other women might have dull, rough and dry curly hair.

A hair texture chart can help you in selecting right hair care products for yourself as each hair texture has different requirements. You do not have to be an expert to read and interpret this chart; instead, this chart is drawn for your convenience.


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