There are many women who have a round face. They are always in a dilemma as to what haircut will suit them. The hairline around a round face is often very wide and the cheeks are full. At times the face makes the neck seem short. There is no specific hairstyle for a round face. The basic idea is to make the face look thinner and longer.

There are few things that you might want to try out when you are going to a salon. Opt for short hairstyles that will add length to your face. Even if the sides are cut close to the face, it will make your face look thinner. Layers provide an illusion of length to the face. You must try and keep your curls away from your face. You can wear your hair long if you wish to but get it cut in layers. Piling up long hair on the head also makes the face look thinner. If you have long curls, then the tendrils make your face look slender as long as they do not fall near the cheeks. You must wear a hairstyle that you are comfortable with at the end of the day.