If you do not eat right, you body and hair will suffer.  You need to have plenty of proteins if you want lustrous tresses. You can get your protein from eggs, cheese, peas, nuts and so on. Salmon and meat are good source of protein. Biotin helps in producing keratin which is important for preventing hair loss. Liver, milk and rice are rich sources of biotin. Vitamin E improves the circulation in your scalp and promotes growth of hair. Soyabeans and green vegetables are a rich source for this vitamin. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant and enhances the production of healthy sebum. You can get this from eggs, carrots, broccoli and fish.

Along with having a healthy diet, you need to save your hair from extremes of weather. Avoid stress as stress is a major cause of losing hair. Make sure you have a warm oil massage at least once a week. It keeps the scalp moisturized. Brush your hair as many times you can. It enhances circulation in the scalp. Avoid blow drying and perming your locks. Give your self some time with this routine. You are sure to see good results after a couple of months.