There are various ways n which you can prevent loss of hair. Given below are some tips:

•    Massaging your scalp with natural oil can remove dead cells and deposits that can act as a deterrent to healthy hair growth. So every time you wash your hair, you must make sure you massage your scalp to enhance circulation.
•    It is important to keep in mind that tying your hair up in tight pony tails can be harmful for you. They cause restriction to your scalp. You need to keep your hair as free as possible.
•    Excessive coloring, perming and blow drying can cause tremendous damage to your hair. They will weaken the internal structure of your hair shaft and aggravate the situation.
•    Avoid using a shampoo that will dry your scalp. Curly hair tend to be dry so it is better to use shampoos and conditioner that is creamy and helps moisturize your scalp.

You hair is very delicate. If you want it to make you look good, you will have to devote proper time towards it.