Losing hair can be really devastating for women. There are numerous reasons for the hair loss. A major cause is estrogen. If your body does not produces sufficient amount of estrogen, then it will be difficult for it to produce the nutrients that are needed for hair production.

Hair loss can also be due to hereditary reasons. Your body may not be able to produce enough protein required for hair growth. If your diet does not have the right amount of nutrients, then your hair growth can be poor. There are certain diseases that may lead to female hair loss. So if you are losing hair, then the first step is to identify why you are losing it.

At times, too much styling or use of hair color can result in loss of hair. The styling products contain strong chemicals that can cause severe damage to hair. If you see that you are losing too many hairs, there is no reason for you to feel depressed. You must immediately take control of the situation. Consult an expert. Find out the cause behind the loss and resolve it.