Stress is a major cause of losing your curls. It may not be easy to connect hair loss with stress as the actual loss of hair occurs after the stress period is over. If you are losing a lot of hair then the best option would be to consult a doctor instead of trying various medications on your own.
There is a scientific name that has been assigned to baldness that is caused due to stress – Telogen Effluvium. This causes numerous hair follicles to go into a phase of rest altogether at the same time. This condition usually corrects itself but if the stress continues to be there, then the situation can get aggravated.

You can remedy the situation by having a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. You must also exercise regularly either at home or at the gym to relax your mind and unwind. Getting enough sleep is also very important. If you are overworked and under slept, chances are that you will feel stressed easily. Try and cull out some time for hobbies. This way you can divert your mind elsewhere other than work. You must train your mind and body to take life easy. It is easier than done but once you achieve it, it will work wonders for you.