How to Keep your Hair Curly

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How to keep your hair curly is the most important thing if you love having curly hair!

On the other hand, losing your curls can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a curly hair lover. Yet, unfortunately, it happens to many women with textured hair. Just because you are born with gorgeous curls, doesn’t automatically mean you were born with the knowledge and experience to care for them. That’s where our curly hair products come in. There are certain practices that you can learn, to maintain your curly mane and ultimately keep your curly hair. When you follow these simple, yet effective strategies, you can move forward without the fear of fallen or dropped curls again! Here we go!

Love the hair you have!

Take a look at the hair you have been given and look for the qualities that you particularly love! Notice every detail and embrace the feelings of thankfulness for your unique qualities. This is the MOST important step, because if you can love your hair, you will naturally begin to do all of the necessary practices to care for and nourish your hair. If however you find fault with your natural hair, you will begin to fight a losing battle of trying to change and manipulate it to be what you want it to be. Unfortunately the only way to change your hair long-term is through chemical treatments, which can damage your precious strands. So, love the hair you have and look for ways to enhance the natural beauty you possess.

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Run from Heat Styling…. Okay, PROTECT yourself from heat styling.

The major culprit of “curl fall” is through the misuse of heat. Intense temperatures could permanently sear the curl pattern and can only be remedied by cutting. This is because heat styling your hair involves using high temperatures to temporarily disfigure the bonds within the hair strand, which releases the curl pattern and allows you to temporarily manipulate the texture. When heat is applied, you can set the hair in a straight or flat state, or you can curl and reshape your hair into your desired look. Although fun and enticing, when executed improperly, could result in long term damage to the hair shaft and strand.   Heat styling is an advanced styling procedure that is best left up to the professionals, but many of us are becoming our own personal stylists, so here are some helpful ways for how to keep your curly hair when heat styling.

  • Always start on freshly cleansed and conditioned hair. For this style, use a sulfate-free formulated cleanser to remove all product build up from the hair shaft.
  • Follow with a good deep conditioning session by applying your conditioner and sitting beneath a hooded dryer for at least 20 minutes before rinsing.
  • Use a leave in conditioner like Curls Reparative Leave in Conditioner after cleansing and conditioning to prepare for styling.
  • Apply a heat protectant to the strands to lock in moisture and seal out the heat. Use the Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir before and after heat styling. To be precise, you will apply your Elixir directly after your leave in conditioner and proceed to blow-dry your hair on warm or cool heat. Always avoid harsh high temperatures, as curly hair is already sensitive and prone to damage. When the hair is stretched from the blow dry, you can flatiron the hair using the least amount of heat needed to achieve your desired level of sleekness. Remember that the straighter the hair, the more damage you may cause, so be gentle with your precious tendrils.
  • Finally, do not use additional heat after your first heat styling session. Instead wrap your hair to maintain, or set in rollers to maintain your look. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wrap your hair each night in silk to minimize friction, which could ultimately cause damage to the curl.

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Deep condition… REGULARLY!

If you want to keep your curls, that is good, but if you want to keep juicy, HEALTHY curls you MUST feed them with regular nourishment through a deep conditioning routine. CURListas should deep condition their hair based on their individual needs. For example, if you frequently heat style as mentioned above, be sure to deep treat your hair after the cleansing session and before heat styling. As well as the first cleansing session after heat styling. Then, every 2 weeks thereafter, you will benefit from regular deep conditioning. This same method can be used for color treated hair or when using any other chemical service. If you never use heat, or chemical hair treatments, you can deep condition your hair every 3-4 weeks to maintain strength and elasticity. Need a deep conditioner to rely on? Use CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner. It has everything you need to rebuild the weak areas of the hair shaft and moisturize dry patches to restore bounce and body to your hair.

These are the three top ways to keep your curly hair. Follow these strategies and you will maintain your lovely locks, but the trick is to remain consistent with your hair care regiment. Set a plan for yourself using the best in high quality products to care for your strands. You will be happy you did! To find the best hair care products for curly hair, visit