Best Moisturizer for Curly Hair

Say goodbye to dry, lifeless and dead curls. Enhance your tendrils with a power packed moisturizer to revive elasticity, bounce and shine! Using the best moisturizer on a consistent basis WILL give your less than luxurious hair, the edge it has been longing for. Perhaps you may have a moisturizing regiment that you have been working on for some time now. Well, the time of perfection is here! It starts with a good evaluation every once in a while to make sure your current plan includes all that is needs to maintain consistent levels of moisture in your hair. Let’s get busy!

CURLS hair care products are award-winning and formulated with quality, natural and helpful ingredients.

Step 3: Moisturizing Products

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Moisturizing Tips and FAQ’s

Q. “How can I get more hair definition in my curls?”

A. Many curlies ask us how to make their curls pop and we want you to have a realistic expectations for the curl definition your natural hair is able to achieve. A woman with Kinky type 4 hair texture is going to have totally different curl definition than someone with a woman with very curly type 3 hair texture. You can enhance your curls by making sure they are thoroughly moisturized, with products like Aloe, and allowing your hair enough setting time. (Our Reparative Hair Masks are totally worth it!)

Q. “How often should I moisturize my natural hair?”

A. Natural hair, especially Types 3 and 4 textures, require ample moisturizing to prevent breakage. We recommend you moisturize your hair 1-3 times a week depending on if you switch up your hairstyle. We recommend any of our reparative hair masks which works magic on all textured hair. Our products have natural and helpful ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe, and chamomile extracts to keep your hair moist and soft. We also recommend wrapping it well with a silk scarf or towel while sleeping to lock in the moisture.

Cleansing Curly Hair

Check to be sure your curl cleanser is chocked full of moisturizing ingredients and is free from parabens, sulfates and other harsh cleansing detergents. These chemicals will strip your hair of the healthy elements it contains like precious, natural sebum made from your body. Sebum is the scalp’s secretion that lubricates the scalp and spreads along the hair strand to provide moisture and protection. Too much of a good thing could cause build up and weigh the hair down, so a good cleansing session is necessary on a regular basis. Too little of sebum will also wreak havoc on the homeostasis of your hair and can cause dryness, and breakage. Hair needs a healthy environment to thrive in. You can maintain a healthy moisture balance by keeping hair clean with an organic based cleanser like CURLS Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream. This effective, yet mild formula will get rid of the excess debris and rectify overactive sebaceous secretions while maintaining the goodness that your body has produced.

Conditioning for curly hair

After each cleanse, condition your hair with a hydrating conditioner like Coconut Sublime Conditioner. This is an important step for maintaining hydration. Check to be sure your conditioner has adequate slip, and essential moisturizing ingredients to fortify your strands for lasting hydration and strength. Look for ingredients like Certified Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Certified Organic Horse Chestnut Extract and Sage Leaf Extract for example. Natural elements are the perfect complement for natural hair. This rinse out conditioner can also be used on its own, in between cleansing sessions to add hydration and moisture to your hair until your next shampoo or cleanse occurs.

So take on this holistic approach to moisturizing the hair to move you closer to having plump, supple, elastic strands. Assess how these tips can help you in your hair care regiment and be amazed at the leaps and bounds the condition of your hair will improve in no time!

Deep Conditioning your Curly Hair

What is a deep treatment? A deep conditioning treatment is a formula designed to increase the hydration within the hair strand as well as along the hair shaft. Its effects are longer lasting than the regular rinse out conditioner mentioned above. Use an organic based product to deeply treat your hair in the best way possible as this is the key to longer lasting hydration. You should utilize a deep conditioner no less than once a month and no more than once a week based on the health of your hair. CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner is an excellent selection. It contains Organic Aloe Leaf juice, Sunflower Seed Oil, Green Tea and Chamomile Extract.

Trimming Your Ends

Every two months, a scheduled trim should take place. When your ends are clean and clipped you lessen the risk for breakage. You also help your cuticle remain closed and consistent where it matters the most. Hair that is not often trimmed will have a more porous cuticle, allowing for moisture to escape the hair shaft. When you regularly keep fresh ends you will see added hair growth, a thicker density and more manageable hair. You will also retain better moisture on a consistent basis when the ends are maintained.

Healthy Hair Diet

Finally, your diet directly impacts the hydration levels of hair also. Eat rich green leafy vegetables with lean protein in your diet. Fruit and grains are also important to a healthy lifestyle, but drinking water is most important for the moisture you seek. There are tiny water molecules that float within the hair strand, so replenishing those areas are imperative.

So take on this holistic approach to moisturizing the hair to move you closer to having plump, supple, elastic strands. Assess how these tips can help you in your hair care regiment and be amazed at the leaps and bounds the condition of your hair will improve in no time!